3D printing plays role in New York Fashion week, eyes customization


3D printing is hitting the runway at New York Fashion Week as textiles are using the technology for designs.

Stratasys, threeASFOUR and Travis Fitch collaborated on the Chro-Morpho collection, which is inspired by microscopic colors and light filtering of butterfly wings.

Using a Stratasys J750 PolyJet printer, designers were able to add polymers to textiles. For Stratasys, the aim is to develop the fashion market and enable more than 500,000 combinations of colors, textures and transparencies.

For the fashion industry, 3D printing can enable a new level of customization. For example, one dress from the collection used Stratasys hardware to print fish scale-sized cells made of photopolymers printed directly on polyester. A Greta-Oto dress included thousands of cells on 27 parts and took 17 hours to 3D print.

A single 3D printer can replace manufacturing processes and machines to save cost and time while creating a real-time supply chain.

Stratasys is providing its PolyJet technologies to designers, engineers and scientists to develop use cases in the fashion industry.  


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