Google teams up with others to create a new nutrition-scanning app

Innit, the smart kitchen platform, is partnering with the ginormous food conglomerate Mars Food, to enable users to use Google Lens to scan some foods and get a bunch of interactive information like recipes, ingredient lists, nutrition advice, and step-by-step videos to make the food.

Weight Watchers does this too, via its app, but for just about everything. But if you’re totally hooked on Mars Foods’ brands or you’re a junkie for the Google Lens augmented reality application, the new app seems like a good way to make more educated decisions about your diet.

“Purpose is at the heart of Mars Food and we are driven by delivering better food today for a better world tomorrow,” Fiona Dawson, Global President of Mars Food Multisales and Global Customers, said in a release. “We bring this to life everyday through our Uncle Bens’ brand by providing healthy, tasty and convenient dinnertimes. Working with Google and Innit, we have created a powerful new way to help consumers navigate the journey from store-shelf to dinner plate, all while enabling families to enjoy the benefits of cooking together.”

Innit goes a little more in-depth because the smart kitchen platform offers all the usual suspects — step-by-step recipes, etc. — but also takes into account personalized recommendations for the user with health conditions and allergies, as well as the user’s preferences.

“Innit was founded on the principle of unlocking information within food and using it to empower people to live and eat better,” Innit founder Eugenio Minvielle said in a statement

If you haven’t already hit up Google for an answer, Google Lens is a relatively new image recognition technology designed to bring up relevant information based on something they call a “neural network” to pull up relevant information on what it sees. Unlike many of Google’s products, though, it’s not completely behind the brand’s wall, so it’s available via the Google Lens app on Android but also via the Google app on Apple’s iOS.

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