Zelda: Link's Awakening Bottle Locations Guide

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Fairy Bottles are important items found only in Link‘s Awakening for Switch. These can be used to capture Fairies from Great Fairy Fountains and other places throughout the world, essentially allowing Link to carry a max heal with him wherever he goes. Here’s where to find all three.

How to Capture and Use a Fairy in a Bottle[edit]

Once you get a bottle, equip it when you see a fairy floating around and hit the button when you’re near it to store it in the bottle for later. It’s worth noting that the fairies will not automatically release when you die like in some other Zelda games. You’ll need to manually release one when you’re on the brink of death, so keep an eye out!

Fairy Bottle Locations in Link‘s Awakening (Switch)[edit]

Here’s how to find every Fairy Bottle in Link‘s Awakening!

Bottle #1 – Hidden in the Weeds in the Depths of the Fishing Game[edit]

In the northern section of Mabe Village – the town where you first started the game – head to the small pond and talk to the friendly fisherman standing next to it. Pay him the entry and start fishing. If you cast your line as far as possible and let it sink to the far left side of the screen, you can slowly inch it across the floor of the pond until it clinks and latches on to a bottle hidden in the weeds and plants.

See our Link’s Awakening Fishing Pond Guide for more fishing tips!

Nabbing the bottle will be an easier task if you first catch a large fish and earn the Middleweight Lure first! Your hook will sink faster.

From here, carefully reel the bottle across the ground until you can start to pull it up towards you. You’ll probably have to pay the minigame fee a few times and catch a few fish floating above it first because otherwise they’ll chase your line as you’re dragging the bottle to the surface, bite it, and force it to drop back down to the bottom of the water. Fish out one or two of the smaller fish towards the bottom and right side of the pond and slowly reel the bottle towards you until it’s in your hands!

Bottle #2 – Bring the Ghost to His House and to His Grave[edit]

After completing Angler’s Tunnel – the fourth dungeon in the game – a ghost may start to follow you as you make your way around the island. If he doesn’t, try entering and exiting some buildings, caves, and other various places until he does. Eventually you’ll hear a small chime and start to see a creepy, blobby phantom trailing behind you.

He’ll ask you to take him to his house, so head to small abandoned house on the far right of Toronbo Shores along the southern coast of the island until you see a small, abandoned shack. Enter it with him and he’ll realize he can’t live there anymore and then ask you to take him to his grave.

Before you exit the house, smash the pots on the right and find a Secret Seashell. Walk outside and either warp to Ukuku Prairie (Manbo’s Pond, if you have the Manbo’s Mambo song for the Ocarina) or head up through town until you’re in the area just beneath the witch’s house where you first found Magic Powder before the first dungeon. Head down the steps to the sandy clearing beneath the house and walk up the steps to the left to a large grave. The ghost will be happy that you returned him to his final resting place and give you a bottle as a thank you.

Bottle #3 – Complete the Heart Shortage Stage in Dampe’s Dungeon Maker Mode[edit]

Dampe’s house – just south of the giant egg at the top of the island – might seem like a fun, frivolous side quest since completing his “make your own dungeon” puzzles aren’t required to finish the main story. But this newly added side mode actually houses a few helpful collectibles, like heart pieces, Secret Seashells, and the third bottle! Dampe will offer you a few handmade dungeons that he’s built to test you, but you’ll need to place dungeon tiles on his templates to solve them.

You can collect most of the dungeon tiles by completing dungeons in your quest, although the game won’t tell you what you’ve unlocked. Visit Dampe after each dungeon and tell him about your adventures and he’ll unlock a bunch of new tiles in his side quest.

Additionally, you can collect dungeon tiles by doing other random tasks in the game. They’re rewards for collecting Seashells and bringing them to the Seashell mansion, found in the mouths of fish in the fishing minigame, or just plain sold in the store in Mabe Village for a hefty 1280 rupees a piece, for example. The more you have, the easier it will be to place tiles in Dampe’s Dungeon Maker mode and solve his trials. After completing the first few stages, he’ll start to offer you some trickier challenges, some of which have specific parameters like time limits or health restrictions. Complete the stage called “Health Shortage” (which limits the amount of hearts you have for the duration of the challenge) and Dampe will give you the third and final bottle. Congrats!

Nintendo Switch Game Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening [English] Nintendo Switch Game Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening [English]
Nintendo Switch Game Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening [English]
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