Get These Bandai Namco, Atari, or Activision Retro Consoles for Only $5

Those fancy retro mini consoles, like the SNES Classic, are pretty great, but they still cost a fair amount. Good news for us deal hunters, Walmart has a big sale on AtGames’ Flashback mini-consoles, which each come packed with up to 20 officially licensed retro games like Pitfall, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and more. Even better, you can play them on your HDMI TV with a free included dongle. Check the deals out below.

Comes with Pac-Man, Galaga, Galaxian, Dig Dug, Mappy, Sky Kid, Xevious, Pac-Mania (Walmart Exclusive). Also includes an HDMI dongle, a 2.4G wireless game controller, and 720p resolution.

Includes Space Invaders (duh), Burger Time, Burnin’ Rubber, Escape it!, Front Line, Jungle Hunt, Lock ‘n Chase, Miss It!, Polaris, Shield Shifter, Space Invaders, Space Raid, and Strip Off. Also includes an HDMI dongle and wireless controller.

Includes Centipede, 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, Air-Sea Battle, Bowling, Desert Falcon, Dodge ‘Em, Fatal Run, Golf, Human Cannonball, Millipede, Miniature Golf, Radar Lock, Save Mary, Sprint Master, Swordquest: Earthworl, Swordquest: Fireworld, Swordquest: Waterworld, Tempest, Yars’ Revenge, Yars’ Return. Also includes an HDMI dongle and wireless controller.

Atari Flashback Blast Vol 2 at Walmart – $5 (save $10)

Includes Adventure, Adventure II, Asteroids, Atari Video Cube, Championship Soccer, Crystal Castles, Double Dunk, Gravitar, Haunted House, Maze Craze, Missle Command, Off The Wall, Realsports® Basketball, Realsports® Tennis, Secret Quest, Sky Diver, Submarine, Commander®, Surround, Video Chess, Video Pinball. Also includes a wireless controller and HDMI dongle.

Atari Flashback Blast Vol 3 at Walmart – $5 (save $10)

It’s Pong, so this one comes with a legit paddle controller, which is super nice. The software also includes Super Breakout, Warlords, Night Driver, and 17 other games.

Includes Atlantis, Beamrider, Chopper Command, Cosmic Computer, Crackpots, Decathlon, Dragster, Enduro, Fishing Derby, Freeway, Frostbite, H.E.R.O., Keystone Kapers, Megamania,, Pitfall!, Pressure Cooker, River Raider, Seaquest, Stampede, Starmaster. Also includes an HDMI dongle and wireless controller.

And if none of that is rich enough for your blood, Walmart is also selling 4-foot arcade cabinets for $50 off.

  • Street Fighter 2 Arcade Cabinet From Arcade1Up at Walmart – $245 (save $55)

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