Black Friday UK Deals 2019: When It Starts and the Best Early Deals so Far

Black Friday is arguably the biggest shopping event in the UK, and consistently delivers shopping mayhem, dramatic headlines, and an onslaught of deals. This is likely to continue in 2019, and we’re going to be covering it all the way.For a more comprehensive guide to the best Black Friday deals, check out (1)

<em>These are the kind of products we’re expecting deals on over the coming month</em>

To assist in your quest for the best deals, IGN is lining up all the top bargains right here. Before any of the deals kick-off, we’ve also lined up all the information and tips you’re going to need for Black Friday 2019.

Bookmark This Page – IGN Black Friday 2019 Central Deals Hub

From now until the end of Black Friday, we will produce specific deal pages around categories like gaming, TVs, tech, and more, so you can find the deals you want more easily. However, this page will be IGN’s Black Friday 2019 central deals hub, and will be constantly updated throughout the month of November and Cyber Monday, with the best of the best deals from each category as soon as they come out. Demand for the best deals is so high that often they’re out of stock as soon as you see them, so bookmark this page and check back frequently to avoid missing out.

When Does Black Friday 2019 Start and How Long Will it Last?

Black Friday falls on November 29 this year, and Cyber Monday will follow it a few days later, at the start of December. These shopping events are set to offer some of the best deals of the year across a number of major UK retailers, online and in-store. You can expect deals on gaming, 4K TVs, laptops, smart home, headphones, and much more in November.

Black Friday sales will more than likely begin a lot earlier than November 29. The gap between Black Friday and the start of the sale grows bigger every year, and the shopping event has basically turned the whole of November into a bargain-hunting frenzy.

Early Black Friday 2019 Deals

There aren’t a ton of Black Friday deals going around at the moment, but we’ve gathered a few of the best deals available right now below. Alternatively, you can check out IGN’s UK Daily Deals post for some great deals.

What to Expect This Year

Black Friday 2019 Amazon Deals

Amazon will take full advantage of Black Friday this year to sell its own line of devices. The retailer has recently released a massive new lineup of Amazon-branded devices, including the all-new Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot with Clock.

The Echo Dot is a consistently strong seller for Amazon, especially during big sales events like Amazon Prime Day. It dropped to a low price of £24.99 in July, and this could definitely get matched at the end of November. We also expect to see some deals on Amazon Fire tablets, Amazon Fire TV sticks, and Amazon Kindles.

Black Friday 2019 Gaming Deals

We expect Microsoft and Sony will be pushing console sales as much as possible this year. Last year the Xbox One S dropped to less than £180 and could fall even lower in price in the coming weeks.

In addition, the Nintendo Switch was one of the best-sellers last year on sites like Currys PC World and Amazon, so the Switch Lite adds more potential for deals. Currently, there’s no word of another new Switch in 2020, but Black Friday may still offer some incredible deals on the system.

Black Friday 2019 TV Deals

TVs are always big items during the Black Friday sales, and this year won’t be any different. 4K TVs have never been so affordable and the Black Friday sales are the perfect time to pick up an absolute bargain on the latest sets. Whether you’re looking to pay less than £300 for a 4K TV, or you’re more interested in the latest and greatest tech, this Black Friday will certainly have some deals ready for you.

Black Friday 2019 Apple Deals

Apple has some of the most popular products on sale in the UK. With the recent release of the iPhone 11, we’re fully expecting a few deals dotted about with various retailers. Don’t be surprised when the likes of Carphone Warehouse line up a new set of affordable pay monthly contracts.

Retailers have also realised that there’s a lot of money to be made on the Apple AirPods, especially when these popular earbuds get discounted. More Apple products to keep an eye on include the Apple Watch Series 5, and the new iPad Air and iPad Mini.

Black Friday 2019 Headphone Deals

How we use our headphones has continuously adapted over the past few years, with the recent popularity of ‘truly wireless’ headphones like the Apple AirPods dominating a portion of the market. There is still some draw to larger more robust headsets from the likes of Beats, Bose, and Sony, though.

Of course, with popular handsets like the Google Pixel 4, iPhone 11, and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 all abandoning the headphone jack to save space, the movement away from wired headphones continues.

Black Friday 2019 Tablet Deals

Amazon will once again be a big player during the Black Friday sales and has already discounted a number of its Fire tablets, including the colourful and popular Kids Editions for the Fire HD 8 and 10.

As previously mentioned, Apple recently updated the iPad Air and iPad Mini, so we could also see discounts on the previous generation of these typically expensive tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A was one of the best sellers for Currys PC World last year, so we expect a few more deals to pop up again this year.

What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday used to be an exclusively US-based event that occurred after Thanksgiving. Black Friday has now evolved into a very big deal in the UK as well, effectively recreating a whole new shopping holiday for the nation.

The UK tackles the event slightly differently to the US, with a much larger focus on online shopping rather than the typical ‘Doorbuster’ sales that occur in the US.

Cyber Monday used to be its own event entirely, with a focus on different types of products compared to Black Friday. This isn’t the case anymore, and you should just tackle Cyber Monday in the same way as Black Friday.

November has become the best month to buy tech in the UK, and the BBC reported last year that December even saw a drop in sales because of the knock-on effect of Black Friday bargains.

Get Ready for Black Friday Deals from Amazon with Prime

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