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If you don’t already own a labeler, let me school you: They’re crazy useful. You can use it to label boxes, bins, files and a thousand other things. They can help you organize your kitchen, closets, garage and study.  And while you spend anywhere from $25 to $200 on a label printer, right now you can get the Brother P-Touch PTM95 for just $10. That’s 60% off the regular price of $25.

We’ve seen this model drop as low as $10 before, but the fact that this isn’t the first time it’s sold for this little shouldn’t stop you from grabbing one. It’s crazy-simple to use: You simply tap out the label on the device’s QWERTY keyboard and choose from among nine fonts, 10 frames and 200 symbols. Then print and stick the label wherever it needs to go. 

Keep in mind that this is a pretty simple gadget. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, nor does it use rechargeable batteries (it runs on AAA cells). It doesn’t even have an on-board memory, so you can’t store label text that you need to print over an over. But it’s just $10, and that makes up for a world of minor inconveniences. 

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