How to easily share your Wi-Fi network with iPhones and iPads (and, with a bit more hassle, Android devices too)

Got a Wi-Fi network that you share with others? Perhaps at home, or at the office or other workplace? Here’s a way to make it quick and simple for people to connect without having to enter a bewildering string of alphanumeric characters.


Create a scannable QR code.

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Here’s how.

First, get your network’s SSID and key.

Got that? Good.

Next up, head over to, enter those details into the form and click Generate. Don’t worry, none of your information is being sent to some shady server, all the work is done by your browser.

WiFi QR Code Generator

WiFi QR Code Generator

BINGO! Your QR code is generated. You can export of print the code and leave it somewhere convenient for people to scan. It works great with the built-in QR code scanner in iOS 13 – you just fire up the camera and point it at the code and if offers to connect.

For Android devices, things are a bit more complex, and third party barcode scanner, such as the inventively named Barcode Scanner or NeoReader.

For the ultra-paranoid, the site explains how to do this without using a browser. As you’d expect, the process is a bit more involved.

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