Like a Boss review — this tale of a cosmetics tycoon needs a makeover

There’s nothing wrong with the cast of this glossy comedy. Tiffany Haddish is reliably bullish and funny, Rose Byrne enhances everything she is in, from Juliet, Naked to Instant Family, and Salma Hayek is, well, Salma Hayek. Yet even this hugely likeable trio can’t save a film that strives for subversive laughs and sisterly inspiration and falls short on both counts.

Haddish and Byrne play, respectively, Mia and Mel, who have been best friends since middle school, sharing a house and running a sassy boutique cosmetics company called, wahey, Mia & Mel. Their flagship product is a one-night-stand make-up kit and their mission statement is to make women “realise that they’re already beautiful”. Yuck.

Both actresses have appeared in female-led hits — Byrne

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