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Happy Valentine’s day! Though not a day I really celebrate, it is a great excuse for chocolate and other candies. So I decided to purchase some Japanese Valentine’s treats.

Eiwa – Marshmallow Hearts
Price: ±€2,-

These adorable heart-shaped marshmallows have a very strong scent to them. Unlike the scent, the flavours aren’t very strong at all. These are supposed to have pineapple, strawberry and melon flavours. There is a little flavouring detectable, but it’s really just a faint hint of a flavour. Nonetheless I liked these marshmallows, they were fluffy and I didn’t dislike the flavours that I did taste.

Fujiya – Peko-Chan Big Love Love Chocolate
Price: ±€2,-

This chocolate bar is presented in a small box, which comes in some different varieties with different pictures. There are also some holographic effects present on the packaging, which made it look pretty fun. The chocolate bar itself consisted of a bottom layer of milk chocolate and a top layer of strawberry white chocolate. The milk chocolate was a bit more bitter than I’m used to from milk chocolate, it was creamy and I liked the flavour. The strawberry white chocolate layer was very thin, the milk chocolate layer was a bit overpowering, but when tasted separately I did taste a hint of strawberry flavouring. I would’ve preferred a stronger strawberry flavour, but I did still enjoy this.

Bourbon – Mickey & Minnie Chocolates
Price: ±€4,-

This adorable box contains six chocolates, one Mickey-shaped chocolate, one Minnie-shaped chocolate, a marbled chocolate, a spiralled chocolate, a round chocolate and a four leaf clover-shaped chocolate. All of the chocolates were pretty creamy, the Mickey one tasted like a slightly bitter milk chocolate and the Minnie one tasted like white chocolate. The spiralled chocolate had an outer layer of slightly bitter milk chocolate and had a softer, creamier, chocolate flavoured filling. The round chocolate had a tougher texture to it, because of harder bits of caramel that were hidden inside, giving it a caramel flavour. It had a bottom layer of slightly bitter milk chocolate. The marbled chocolate mainly tasted like the milk chocolate. I liked all the flavours in this box, but I liked the clover one most. It had a pretty strong strawberry flavour to it, which wasn’t overpowered by the layer of milk chocolate.

Uchi no Wanko – Chocolat Assort
Price: ±€4,-

These adorable three chocolates are presented in a very nicely designed box. I also received a small plastic bag, from uchi no wanko, with these chocolates. The paw-shaped chocolate tasted like milk chocolate, but slightly bitter. The four leaf clover was made of white chocolate with a matcha flavour to it, but it wasn’t very strong. I honestly preferred it that way, since I’m not the biggest fan of matcha, and actually liked this chocolate. The white chocolate with a dog face on it was tasty, it was creamy and had a vanilla flavour to it.

All in all I liked these candies, they all have their own flavours and themes. Which of these sweets would you like to try?

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