Echo and Echo Plus get big discounts in spring Amazon sales

Amazon is throwing out some great discounts on its Echo devices, so it’s a great time to add to your collection or invest in a smart speaker.

Amongst Amazon’s sales is a healthy discount on the latest Amazon Echo model. This speaker sounds great and looks great. It’s a bargain at the best of times, but with a £20 discount bringing it down to £69.99, now is a really good time to buy.


The Amazon Echo was redesigned in 2019, boosting the audio quality for a richer sound, while wrapping it in fabric for a more modern look. The Echo is a great speaker as a result, powered by Alexa that will deliver music, respond to your requests as well as control a wide range of smart home devices. 

The Echo can also be paired into groups – including stereo pairing for more immersive sound quality.

Amazon has also discounted the Echo Plus. This looks the same as the Echo above, but it has a little more technology packed into it. It includes a Zigbee controller, so it can be paired with some smart home devices without needing a separate hub. It also has a temperature sensor, so you can ask what the temperature is too. 

Otherwise, the Echo Plus sounds and looks very much the same as the speaker above. It’s a little more expensive, but there’s a heavy discount of £50, bringing it down to £89.99.


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