Schneider Electric launches monitoring, dispatch services for edge computing sites

Edge computing

Schneider Electric is launching monitoring and dispatch services to manage edge computing sites and remediate problems on-site.

With Monitoring & Dispatch Services, Schneider Electric is using the playbook from industrial giants. For instance, companies that sell airline engines, turbines and other capital-intensive equipment often offer services to repair that infrastructure.

Given that unmanned edge computing sites and micro data centers are likely to be a management headache as equipment breaks down, Schneider Electric is betting that remote monitoring, troubleshooting and onsite remediation with replacement parts will be a good market. The company already has its EcoStruxure platform as well as edge computing gear and designs.

Monitoring & Dispatch Services are powered by the EcoStruxure IT data lake to proactively monitor distributed IT infrastructure. The services, which are vendor agnostic and open, are available in North America, Australia, Austria, Germany, New Zealand and United Kingdom at the end of June. Additional countries will be added throughout 2020 and into 2021.

Separately, Schneider Electric also released a public application programming interface (API) for its EcoStruxure IT Expert cloud software. The API allows customers and IT vendors to integrate power and infrastructure monitoring into their management systems. EcoStruxure IT Expert is a hosted monitoring platform that uses artificial intelligence to track resources and meet sustainability goals.


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