Valorant gets full launch on June 2nd, free to play with a new map, mode and agent

Riot’s free-to-play tactical shooter Valorant has been taking the streaming world by storm over the last few weeks, even before its actual release – its beta has been attracting players left, right and centre. 

Now, it would seem that Riot’s seen enough to be confident, and is launching the game fully on June 2nd, free to play for players all over the world. Plus, it’s revealed that there’ll be some new content for players who’ve been rinsing the beta to sink their teeth into.

Valorant will launch with not only a new map to play on, but also an entirely new agent to get to grips with, and a new game mode to practise. We’ve not yet got details of what these three prongs actually entail, but with only a short time before launch we anticipate finding out very soon. 

The five-against-five tactical shooter has so far impressed with its blend of quick-reaction shooting and tactical abilities, and the closed beta has been attracting impressive streaming numbers. The indications are that this is a new player on the streaming scene.

That said, it’ll all take a little hiatus while Riot switches from the beta to the full game – the closed beta will end of May 28 in a week’s time, followed by a few days of radio silence until the full version launches. That’s hardly a surprise, and should serve to whet players’ appetites nicely. 

Another small detail is that players progression through ranking levels will reset. All players will start in the full game from the same point, which again seems entirely fair enough to us. 

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