Like most conventions and major events this year, QuakeCon is moving online for 2020, in a venture dubbed QuakeCon at Home – a welcome change after the event was originally cancelled back in March.

Bethesda’s annual celebration of its games – initially Quake of course, but now with a bigger focus on the likes of DOOM, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and more – always features a host of tournaments, giveaways, livestreams, and game reveals.

And since this year the company decided not to host its usual June E3 event there’s hope that it could have even more to announce at QuakeCon 2020 than usual.

When is QuakeCon 2020?

This year QuakeCon will run over 7-9 August. It’s too early to know the timing or dates for any specific events or streams, but we’ll update this page once we know more about the QuakeCon schedule.

How to watch QuakeCon 2020 online

Since QuakeCon is taking place online that means you’ll be able to watch absolutely everything from home if you’re so inclined.

Again, Bethesda hasn’t yet revealed how to watch everything, but it’s a safe bet that the biggest streams will air on the publisher’s official YouTube account and Twitch channel, so make sure you’re subscribed to those.

What to expect from QuakeCon this year

We don’t know exactly what to expect from QuakeCon at Home, but we’ve already been promised “livestreams, tournaments, charity fundraising, and a few fun secrets.”

Of course the main draw will always be game announcements, trailers, and gameplay footage from upcoming titles.

We know that the company has Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo on the way for next-gen consoles the PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2020 and 2021 respectively, so expect to find out more about both of those games.

Looking further afield, there’s Commander Keen coming to smartphones, and the elusive Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 promised for PC and consoles – we’re particularly hopeful that we might get a proper look at Starfield this year.

As for unannounced stuff, there’s always hope for another Fallout. Wolfenstein 3 could get an announcement, as could the next DOOM game – though it’s probably a little soon after DOOM Eternal for that.

No doubt we’ll also hear about updates to ongoing games like Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Online, though those will likely only appeal to current players.