Animal Crossing: K.K. Slider Song Checklist

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K.K. Slider is a traveling musician who has performed with his guitar in every version of the game; he is a special, non-playable character.

Unlike previous iterations of Animal Crossing, K.K. Slider will not appear in your town automatically. Instead you will need to raise the popularity and rating of your island to attract his attention and help out Tom Nook with a variety of tasks.

Once you have fulfilled all of Tom Nook‘s requests, and achieve a Town Evaluation of 3 Stars, K.K. Slider will begin appearing at your town’s plaza every Saturday (or Friday if there is already an event planned for Saturday.

K.K. Slider will set up an area full of chairs for villagers to sit and listen to him sing random songs – but he will not take requests for a specific song until 6PM or after. During this time, a player can request that he play a specific song, a song to fit a certain mood, or a song at random.

K.K. Slider Secret Songs
There are three hidden songs in ACNH that you can only get if you request them from K.K. These are Drivin’, Animal City, and Farewell.
Be sure to request them sometime!

If a song is requested specifically, and is spelled correctly, K.K. Slider will give you a copy of the song to place in your record players. If the song is not spelled correctly, he will instead play a random song and apologize after its conclusion, and you will need to wait a week before you can request a song again.

This is an interactive list: If you click or tap the songs below on your phone you can keep track of which ones you’ve collected. We’ll save that data for you for the next time you come back!

Below is a list of all known songs that K.K. Slider can perform in New Horizons. Be sure to use proper capitalization and use of periods when requesting a song (There is no space between each K. !).

Agent K.K. ✓

Aloha K.K. ✓


Animal City ✓

Bubblegum K.K. ✓

Café K.K. ✓

Comrade K.K. ✓

DJ K.K. ✓

Drivin’ ✓

Farewell ✓

Forest Life ✓

Go K.K. Rider ✓

Hypno K.K. ✓

I Love You ✓

Imperial K.K. ✓

K.K. Adventure ✓

K.K. Aria ✓

K.K. Ballad ✓

K.K. Bazaar ✓

K.K. Birthday ✓

K.K. Blues ✓

K.K. Bossa ✓

K.K. Calypso ✓

K.K. Casbah ✓

K.K. Chorale ✓

K.K. Condor ✓

K.K. Country ✓

K.K. Cruisin’ ✓

K.K. D&B ✓

K.K. Dirge ✓

K.K. Disco ✓

K.K. Dixie ✓

K.K. Étude ✓

K.K. Faire ✓

K.K. Flamenco ✓

K.K. Folk ✓

K.K. Fusion ✓

K.K. Groove ✓

K.K. Gumbo ✓

K.K. House ✓

K.K. Island ✓

K.K. Jazz ✓

K.K. Jongara ✓

K.K. Lament ✓

K.K. Love Song ✓

K.K. Lullaby ✓

K.K. Mambo ✓

K.K. Marathon ✓

K.K. Mariachi ✓

K.K. March

K.K. Metal ✓

K.K. Milonga ✓

K.K. Moody ✓

K.K. Oasis ✓

K.K. Parade ✓

K.K. Ragtime ✓

K.K. Rally ✓

K.K. Reggae ✓

K.K. Rock ✓

K.K. Rockabilly ✓

K.K. Safari ✓

K.K. Salsa ✓

K.K. Samba ✓

K.K. Ska ✓

K.K. Sonata ✓

K.K. Song ✓

K.K. Soul ✓

K.K. Steppe ✓

K.K. Stroll ✓

K.K. Swing ✓

K.K. Synth ✓

K.K. Tango ✓

K.K. Technopop ✓

K.K. Waltz ✓

K.K. Western ✓

King K.K. ✓

Lucky K.K. ✓

Marine Song 2001 ✓

Mountain Song ✓

Mr. K.K. ✓

My Place ✓

Neapolitan ✓

Only Me ✓

Pondering ✓

Rockin’ K.K. ✓

Soulful K.K. ✓

Space K.K. ✓

Spring Blossoms ✓

Stale Cupcakes ✓

Steep Hill ✓

Surfin’ K.K. ✓

The K. Funk ✓

To the Edge ✓

Two Days Ago ✓

Wandering ✓

Welcome Horizons ✓

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