Bill Gates reportedly expects a coronavirus vaccine in early 2021 – CNET


Bill Gates reckons a coronavirus vaccine might arrive early next year.

James Martin/CNET

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Bill Gates doesn’t expect a coronavirus vaccine until early next year, CNBC reported Tuesday. The Microsoft co-founder contradicted President Donald Trump’s hint that we’ll see a vaccine prior to the Nov. 3 election, by suggesting that none of the ones in development are likely to seek approval before the end of October.

“I do think once you get into, say, December or January, the chances are that at least two or three will (seek approval) — if the effectiveness is there,” he reportedly said.

Separately, he told Bloomberg that he doesn’t trust the FDA (which will approve a vaccine) or the CDC — noting that their credibility has been hurt by Trump administration’s attitude towards science and medicine.

Neither the Gates Foundation, the FDA nor the CDC immediately responded to requests for comment.

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