Optimizely updates its Full Stack platform with new data tools, enterprise integrations

San Francisco-based web experimentation company Optimizely is releasing a new version of its flagship platform that includes a new user interface, new data and analytics offerings, and integrations with AWS and Salesforce.

Optimizely’s core product is Web Experimentation, which enables non-technical staff to conduct A/B testing on the company’s website using Optimizely’s visual editor. Meantime, Optimizely’s Full Stack product enables developers to experiment deeper into the tech stack to test things like search ranking algorithms or mobile app functionality.

A/B testing has been a notable space of the software market as customers look to develop digital channels and improve experiences. Optimizely allows for quick A/B testing that can speed up software and code delivery.

Optimizely said the enhancements to its flagship experimentation platform are meant to help businesses streamline deployment, ship better products, and see business ROI faster. The new Full Stack includes an enhanced user interface with an enterprise-grade server-side platform that integrates delivery and experimentation. 

The new design allows customers to create and manage feature flags, and set up experiments on those flags within one user interface for the first time, Optimizely said. Full Stack is available via 12 SDKs or as a microservice. 

The new data and analytics offerings include a new Stats Engine Service and a new oevents command-line tool that aims to help data scientists and other technical users avoid data silos within businesses. 

Optimizely said the integrations with AWS and Salesforce are meant to help customers embed experimentation in more areas of business. With AWS, Optimizely launching a machine learning service that will allow customers to use experimentation to determine the most effective machine learning algorithms. The integration with Salesforce is designed to help brands integrate customer support into their customer experience strategy.

“Businesses cannot survive in today’s environment by guessing,” said Claire Vo, chief product officer for Optimizely. “Teams are prioritizing progressive delivery and experimentation practices to navigate today’s unpredictable market and remain agile for future opportunities and challenges. Today’s announcements illustrate the high demand for these critical tools and Optimizely’s leadership in enabling smart, data-informed product development for the modern digital team.” 

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