Patrick Starrr bashed for harsh product review of Selena Gomezs Rare Beauty products – The News International

Patrick Starrr bashed for harsh product review of Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty products

Well-known YouTuber Patrick Starrr is being bashed for an alleged ‘biased’ review of the Rare Beauty line by Selena Gomez and the internet is blowing up.

During the video review in question, Starrr tested out the singer’s liquid blush, boating set, foundation, etc, but received a plethora of attention for all of the wrong reasons.

At one point in the video, the YouTuber swatched his own liquid eyeliner and compared it to Rare’s, and to top it off, declared in the end, “I think I prefer mine over Rare. That’s just me.”

Shortly after that, fans began fuming over the review and one of the most popular comments under the video was: “Why make a review of Rare beauty [sic] when all you’re going to do is compare and talk about your products. Majority of your comments just seemed shady.”

“I feel like a lot of people reviewing Selena’s line are not reviewing the products for what they are. She is not advertising a full coverage look so obviously it’s not what you are going to get. We know full coverage is what you prefer that’s not what we are here for, we want to know if the products do what they are DESCRIBED AS.”

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