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After the interest in, and success of, renowned boxing trainer and analyst Teddy Atlas’ first video release, “The Fundamentals of Boxing / How to Prepare Your Body and Mind for Boxing” (, Atlas is back with his 2nd in the series, “The Peekaboo Style of Boxing.”

This time, the Hall of Fame commentator and trainer of multiple world champions and contenders focuses on the unique and highly effective “peekaboo” style of boxing that incorporates fast, offensive and defensive, head and body movements, all the while staying protected behind a tight, and difficult-to-penetrate, head guard.

The movements associated with the “peekaboo” style of boxing allows the offensive fighter to make distance-closing steps towards his or her opponent while keeping themselves in a protected, and hard-to-counter, stance.

This, not unlike Atlas’ first video, doesn’t just focus on a cardio workout that incorporates boxing. It incorporates all the moves of an actual fighter in real fight simulations. While anyone going through the movements will indeed find themselves engaged in a real, practical and highly charged cardio workout, they get to do it under the conditions that are presented to actual fighters. Even more exciting for the participant is watching Atlas take you through the very steps and movements that he himself has worked on through the years with his huge stable of champions.

Atlas, who studied under legendary New York fight trainer Cus D’Amato as a teenager, knows the effective strategy like no other as it was the foundation of D’Amato’s offensive and defensive approach with his fighters. The strategy probably first came into prominence under the watchful eye of a larger audience when it was used by D’Amato’s legendary champion, Floyd Patterson. Modern-era fight fans will remember a young, talented future heavyweight champion Mike Tyson emerging from the Catskills in upstate New York, under the guidance of D’Amato (before his passing) and trained by (initially) Atlas as an amateur before Atlas left and went out on his own. Tyson would later turn pro under the coaching of former D’Amato fighter Kevin Rooney, with the peekaboo style at the forefront of their ring strategy. So, while the massively popular Tyson probably displayed the peekaboo style to a large, modern-era audience, in reality it had been around the sport a long time.

From a strategical standpoint, it is human nature to avoid anything coming at you in forceful motion. That is why boxing is such a unique sport. Those offensive threats are non-stop and relentless. However, by fighters learning and executing the peekaboo style of boxing, they can learn to control themselves and their opponent, while also being prepared, both offensively and defensively, for any situation in the ring. One can also learn the physical demands on the body (and incorporate a great cardio workout) all the while learning the actual movements aligned with one of boxing great offensive and defensive strategies. And, what better way to participate in the video than being taught by one of the game’s truly legendary trainers who knows the peekaboo style of boxing like no other.

The video is divided into 3 sections.

Part 1 looks at – The Introduction, The Fundamentals, Proper Hand Placement, Using the Peekaboo against Straight Punches, against Hooks and against Upper Cuts.

Part 2 goes into – Offense, Balance and Foot Work, Closing the Door, Throwing punches in Combination, Exiting the Pocket, Clean Countering, Using Your Eyes, and Finishing Your Combinations.

Part 3 covers – Putting it all together and Creating Openings.

The current pandemic has allowed some downtime for Atlas who when not commentating on various telecasts the world over, is often in the gym working with a world champion or world rated contender. Trainers, managers, fans, and fighters (from casual boxing participants to world rated champions and contenders) have long hoped for a video series from Atlas, considered one of the truly great ring teachers of the modern era. This time has allowed Atlas to focus on getting involved in a video series for anyone looking to participate in a great workout under the actual fight-simulated conditions presented by one of the games very best. This video, as either a workout tool or a video encyclopedia of a unique, legendary, practical and applicable ring move, it is simply outstanding.

Another excellent release from Atlas. Fight fans, fighters, managers and trainers will indeed be hoping the series continues. Atlas brings his experienced, applicable and (everyman) relatable teaching style, interspersed with his charming wit, to the presentation. Atlas makes the video a fun, challenging and exciting learning experience for everyone from the full-time fighter to the casual fan.


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