Keep your home safe this Christmas

Keep your home safe this Christmas

It also includes some rather more useful items, such as a security camera, timer switches and a door sensor.   

Electrical Direct points out that, although home burglaries have been down significantly since the start of lockdown, they’ve been on the rise again since the end of summer. And this is really the important message at the heart of this Christmas tale.

If you’re among the lucky non-Tier 4 types who are going to be away from home over Christmas, make sure your home is safe.

At this point, we must caution you that setting up booby traps in your home – including but not limited to home-made blowtorches – is dangerous and very probably illegal.

A better course of action is to make sure everything’s locked up, ask a neighbour to swing by and check on things and set up lights to come on at night. And, even better than using timer switches are smart plugs, which will allow you to switch on any ‘dumb’ tech in your home – from a lamp to a toy train set – remotely, just using your phone.

It’s also worth investing in some good home security products. If you’ve got a smart security camera knocking about in a cupboard that you haven’t got around to using, we’ve got advice on how to set it up.

And if you haven’t bought one yet, check out our round-up of the best indoor and outdoor home security cameras.

Electrical Direct points out that 76% of burglars typically enter through the front door, which may surprise you. You might like to have a look at the best smart doorbells we’ve tested, which will allow you to monitor your front door remotely.

In any case, forget Kevin’s bag of tricks. I’m holding out for the John McClane, Die Hard-inspired ‘Make your office Christmas party go with a bang’ kit.

Want to watch Home Alone or one of its various sequels this Christmas? We’ve got you covered.