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New York, Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — What is InfinitiKloud Wireless?No household or business can do without a computer in this day and age. Millions of people need to protect their important data from access by third parties. A sudden crash of the hard disk can cause all data to be deleted. IT experts always advise regular backups, but this is often forgotten. With InfinitiKloud Wireless, backing up business and private data should be easier. With just one mouse click, you can back up your data storage. The system is easy to use and is therefore also suitable for computer novices.What are the InfinitiKloud Wireless quality features?The InfinitiKloud Wireless stick has some very positive reports and reviews online. According to the manufacturer, you can save a lot of time and nerves with the InfinitiKloud Wireless WLAN stick if you want to secure and protect private data. With just one click, you can protect private data, photos or videos from loss, theft or a sudden hard drive failure.The InfinitiKloud Wireless USB stick can be ordered by customers at any time via the manufacturer’s website. A big advantage is that you can use InfinitiKloud Wireless for several devices. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mobile phone, PC or tablet. Many other data storage devices can only be used for one end device. According to the manufacturer, you can use the WLAN device more individually. You can use it to back up Mac, Apple iPhone, Android and PC devices. With the InfinitiKloud Wireless you can use all Micro SD / TF memory cards. You can use as many memory cards as you like. You get up to one TB.— Visit the official website here! —InfinitiKloud Wireless rating and recommendationTo use the WLAN stick, you only need to install the InfinitiKloud Wireless app on the device on which you want to back up your data. Then simply press the button on your cloud and it will automatically start backing up your data. According to the manufacturer, the device is a high-quality smart USB stick that can protect business and private data from file corruption, hard drive failure or viruses. A simple setup is supported. Registration is not possible in advance. No software needs to be installed for use. According to the manufacturer, simple handling is available to all customers. The device is automatically recognised by any smartphone or computer. It is compatible with all Macs and computers. All important data can be stored quickly and easily. A simple file search is available so that the data can be found more quickly.Easy handlingMobile and fastAutomatic storage of mobile dataOptimal data storage (protects against loss or theft)Consists of first class componentsCan be used for different end devicesInformation on the topic of data storageWith a data memory, it is possible to store a wide variety of information. It can be read out again at any time. In computers, information is always stored in a digital form. Different storage media and technologies are used to store the data. Electronic, optical or magnetic memories are often used. Depending on the need, volatile or non-volatile solutions are available. The synonyms data storage, data carrier or storage medium are often used. Many data memories can be permanently installed in a device. However, there are also storage media that are exchangeable or can be realised externally.The important performance characteristics of a data storage device include access time, storage capacity, rewritability, data transfer rate and service life. The lifespan describes how long the data can be stored. Data storage devices can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are often used as buffer memory, primary memory, for the transport of data, secondary memory or for archiving data volumes.An electronic memory always works on the basis of semiconductors. These storage media are non-volatile or volatile. Accordingly, the data can be retained when an operating voltage is switched off. This is particularly guaranteed with the non-volatile systems. With volatile systems, it can happen that data is lost when the power is switched off. DRAM, EPROM, Flash or EEPROM belong to the classic electronic memories. With a magnetic storage medium, the information is stored in magnetic or non-magnetic form. Storage media and data memories such as floppy disks, hard disks or magnetic tapes work with a magnetic operating principle. The writing or reading of the data is done by a read/write head. It magnetises the materials with the respective data patterns. The magnetisation can also be easily read out again with the head.A frequently used variant is optical data storage. This special technique uses materials and lasers with optical properties. The laser is used to change the optical properties such as the reflection or diffraction of a certain part of the storage medium. In this way, the data is stored. It is possible to read out the data using an optical sensor or laser beam. Optical storage media can often be written to several times. This is only not possible with simple media. In this case, they can only be written to once. Frequently used optical storage media are DVDs, CDs or Blu-rays. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!InfinitiKloud Wireless reviewsThe InfinitiKloud Wireless is needed by all households that work a lot on a tablet or computer. You can use the WLAN device to protect yourself from losing unsaved data due to a system crash. In addition, other files can also be stored on the stick. Since the device is very easy to handle. This means that it can also be used by laypersons who have no experience with data storage.The handling of the stick is very simple. It is simply plugged into the USB port of the terminal device. Then a backup program starts automatically. The red button should be pressed. The button says “Start”. The system now saves everything automatically. You do not have to intervene any further. As soon as the unit has completed the backup, it can be removed again. It can always go back to the backup if you want to restore your data.Many users are very satisfied with the device. They especially praise the easy handling and reliability. But many testers have also already used the InfinitiKloud Wireless. If there is no storage on the stick, you can’t fall back on it afterwards if the system suddenly crashes. A classic backup often takes a long time until all data has been saved. With the stick, this is possible within a very short time. Some tests can be found on the Internet. All of them are very positive. Negative reports, on the other hand, are not to be found. Many testers and customers recommend the stick.Why do I need this data store?A data storage device is always needed if data is to be backed up in the event of a server crash. The unit operates at a speed of up to 100 MB / second. It can store up to 64 GB. This corresponds approximately to a size of 45,000 photos. With the InfinitiKloud Wireless, a customized backup is possible at any time. A big advantage is that the stick can compress the data so that it is stored much smaller on the WLAN stick. This means you can also save larger amounts of data. The stick is made of high-quality plastic. It is very robust and will not break even if bumped or knocked. The manufacturer promises that the data on the stick is optimally secured.Hardly any PC or tablet can be protected from a total failure or crash. If the data is not backed up in advance, it is irrevocably lost. According to the manufacturer, you are well equipped with the InfinitiKloud Wireless WLAN stick. You can simply plug the stick into your new PC or your repaired laptop and upload all your data again. A stick offers you the advantage that you can relieve the memory of your PC. You don’t need all the data on your computer for your everyday life. The data stick is therefore a great relief for your PC. You can use it as a backup for a wide variety of end devices. The wireless connection ensures mobile and fast use. You can use the stick at any time for private or business purposes.— Buy this product now with a special discount! —Well-known FAQ about this productQ: What are the advantages of InfinitiKloud Wireless?A: According to the manufacturer, InfinitiKloud Wireless easily stores large amounts of data in small formats. This makes a larger data storage available. The stick can be used via WLAN and is easy to handle. It enables easy backup at any time and offers a simple search function. Stored data can thus be found more quickly. The data is stored at high speed.Q: Why should you choose InfinitiKloud Wireless?A: You can be sure with your stick that it will not fall into the wrong hands. In addition, you save yourself the trouble of using cloud services. In the past, hackers have been able to gain access to data via cloud services. If you keep your stick safe, your system will always be optimally protected from hackers. You always have an effective data backup available. The stick is always useful if your tablet or laptop is broken or lost.Q: Where should you buy the stick?A: You should always buy your InfinitiKloud Wireless Stick directly from the manufacturer. This way you can be sure that you are getting the original wireless device. If you buy from various foreign shops, you may be sent a cheap product. Many of these shops advertise original devices, but send out plagiarised products that are not of the same quality. The manufacturer is able to give you a good discount. You will also find a lot of important information about the product.Q: What warranty does the manufacturer offer?A: If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it to the manufacturer within 30 days without giving a reason. You will get your money back within a few working days. The InfinitiKloud Wireless is made of first-class components. The manufacturer not only offers you a hassle-free return of the stick if you are not satisfied, but also a fast delivery when you order it.— Get the Best Price Right Here —Where can I buy InfinitiKloud Wireless?To ensure that the original InfinitiKloud Wireless USB stick is sent to you, you should only place your order online directly via the manufacturer’s website. The provider not only offers you sufficient information about the product, but also a good discount promotion. The InfinitiKloud Wireless Stick is always available from the manufacturer. The delivery time takes only a few days. Another advantage is that you can order the stick using a wide range of payment options. The WLAN memory is delivered to the desired delivery address. If you are not satisfied with the InfinitiKloud Wireless data storage, you can make use of the 30-day return guarantee. This means that you do not take any risks when buying the InfinitiKloud Wireless.Currently, the data storage manufacturer of InfinitiKloud Wireless is offering you a good discount of 50%. The discount increases when you increase the number of InfinitiKloud Wireless products. Before placing an order, you should therefore ask friends or colleagues at work whether they also need a secure data storage device. By placing a larger order, you can reduce the individual price even further. Several InfinitiKloud Wireless USB sticks are also useful in a household if there are several computers at the same time. Each stick can store a large amount of private data. However, the USB stick can also be used as a data storage device for the office. Ordering does not take much time. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!InfinitiKloud Wireless technical factsData storage for up to 64 GBStores up to 45,000 photosone-click data storagecustomised backupspeed of up to 100 MB / secondcompresses data quickly and easilyrobust plastic USB stickWho is the provider of the product?You can contact the data storage manufacturer in many different ways. The following information was found on the manufacturer’s website.Address:Think Tech Sales LimitedRm 709B, 7 / F, Opulent Building402-406 Hennessy RoadWAN CHAI, Hong KongWebsite of the manufacturer: Site: Finn is a blogger from a bigger enthusiastic team which loves to review products based on personal research. His contact E-Mail is Feel free to contact him every time you like.Disclosure by content creatorThis press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute advice or an offer to buy.Any purchase done from this story is done on your own risk. 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