PUBG Mobile 1.2 adds Runic Power gameplay for in-game rune fun

(Pocket-lint) – PUBG Mobile 1.2 is rolling out, bringing a new gameplay element. Called Runic Power, there’s going to be some magical elements in the game to help swing the battle to your advantage.

Runic Power will be available on the Erangel map. You’ll be able to choose your rune power on Spawn Island with the option of Flame, Arctic, or Wind and that will let you take that rune into the game.

These runes will give you two skills in the game – the first will be an object and the second will be a skill.

  • Flame Rune: summons a rolling wheel of fire to damage your enemies.
  • Arctic Rune: summon a 3×3 wall of ice to protect you mid-battle.
  • Wind Rune: summons a shield of wind that will reduce your enemy’s bullet damage.

On top of this, the runes give access to skills, so you’ll have burning ammo, freezing ammo and increased speed and reloads from each of the runes respectively.

Each of these actions needs rune energy and you’ll be able to gather rune energy around the map as you play. The Runic Power gameplay mode will be available until 7 March.

That’s not the only enhancement. There’s a new weapon and it’s the classic French FAMAS. This is a bullpup-style assault rifle and has the fastest rate of fire of any in the game, so it’s a great short range weapon. It will only be available on Livik.

There are big fixes and enhancements through the game, including some power management refinement to stop the top iPhones overheating, while Android players can download resource packs in the background so you don’t have to do it all at once.

The new season will start on 19 January and there will be a new Power Armor event in EvoGround, alongside a new chapter in Metro Royale.

The new update for PUBG Mobile is available to download now.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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