The (Mostly) Complete History of the PS4

PlayStation 4’s dominance this past generation could not have been more of a 180 from Sony’s struggle during the PS3 era. From minute one, Sony not only announced what the PS4’s impressive seven-year run would be about – games, first and foremost – but also found ways to leapfrog ahead of the Xbox One, which stumbled out of the gate and lost the momentum it Microsoft enjoyed during the reign of the Xbox 360.

But that doesn’t mean the PS4’s lifecycle was a boring one of constant success. Yes, we saw PlayStation cement its first-party stable as consistently excellent this generation, but it had to grapple with the consequences of its own over-confidence, and ultimately, an identity crisis in the face of that success. Here’s the (mostly) complete history of the PlayStation 4.

The Best PS4 Games (Summer 2020 Update)

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