Weber acquires June Smart Oven startup – CNET


The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub works with any grill and guides you step by step through cooks.


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Weber is acquiring June, a smart oven startup company, according to reports. Weber and June partnered on the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub, a $129 device that connects to your phone and guides you through your grilling. 

Weber’s move to acquire June isn’t the company’s first. The company also acquired iGrill back in 2016, and integrated that technology into its temperature sensing grill tech, still on the market today. 

The June Oven third generation is now shipping to customers who pre-ordered last year. 


June, started in 2013, is known for its namesake smart countertop oven. The acquisition comes just as June is shipping out its third-generation smart countertop oven, with multiple cooking modes and upgraded software for better food recognition technology. 

Weber also partnered with June on the built-in smart cooking features of its SmokeFire line of wood pellet grills. 

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but it is reported that June will continue to operate as its own brand under the Weber-Stephen Products umbrella and that we could see new Weber Connect products powered by June as early as this year. 

We’ve reached out to Weber and June for comment and will update this story accordingly. 

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