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The best iPhone 11 Pro Max screen protectors

With the rising popularity of phablet-sized smartphones, protective screens are less of a luxury and more of a first line of defense. Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max — with its 6.5-inch, 2688 × 1242 pixel resolution OLED screen — is among the largest of iPhones, so you don’t want to leave it vulnerable to drops, bumps, and damaging impacts.

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Though the iPhone has scratch-resistant glass with an oleophobic coating, a second layer of protection can’t hurt. Some screen protectors add “anti-theft” features that limit visibility for third parties, while most feature the 9H hardness rating, a basic scratch test using the hardest lead pencil point (9H) against the glass. Any substance harder than your screen will cause scratches to appear on your smartphone glass.

The thickness and hardness of glass screen protectors are designed to absorb the impact. If a drop damages your screen protector, simply remove it from your undamaged phone and replace it with a new screen. Glass screen protectors are especially effective because their appearance is similar to your phone’s original screen, allowing for vibrant colors and optical clarity. Here are a few good ones currently available.

Whitestone Dome Glass Protector

Whitestone Dome Protector for iPhone 11 Pro Max

This protector provides what Whitestone refers to as the four F’s: full coverage, full responsiveness, full clarity, and a full fix onto your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Its main claim to fame is that it repairs any minor cracks you may already have on your screen before applying the protector, helping the display to look flawless again. It also makes use of Whitestone’s own patented liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA), providing what is arguably the strongest fit onto the iPhone 11 Pro Max of any screen protector currently available. It’s also very strong and highly transparent, so you can be sure to enjoy the normal vibrancy of your phone’s screen while also protecting it.

InvisibleShield Glass+ Screen Protector

Zagg InvisibleShield iPhone 11 Pro Max

It may be a bit pricey compared to other glass protectors in its class, but InvisibleShield’s Glass+ Screen Protector offers a lot of protective tech for your iPhone and you. In addition to offering a precise, case-friendly fit for large screens, the surface has a smooth feel for easy navigation of all iPhone features. It has a specifically engineered tempered glass that resists impact, scratches, and smudging. An oil-resistant screen keeps your phone clean to enhance viewing clarity. The glass screen is coupled with a VisionGuard blue light filter alongside bacteria-fighting properties for permanent antimicrobial treatment. The company says the antimicrobial technology — embedded in the glass — kills nearly 100% of surface bacteria. The protective Eyesafe layer filters harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light from your phone’s screen to protect your eyes.

Amuoc Tempered Glass Film for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Amuoc iPhone 11 Pro Max screen protector

The Amuoc’s three-pack of laser-cut 2.5-D rounded edge 9H tempered glass protective covers provides the ultimate protection for your giant iPhone’s screen. It’s comfortable to use and easy to apply. The high-transparency cover offers high-definition clear viewing while the hydrophobic, oleophobic coating repels sweat, skin oils, and fingerprints. The glass covering is scratch-resistant and shatterproof to shield your screen from scratches and drops. It comes with an installation frame to assist with the application.

Supershieldz for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Supershieldz iPhone 11 Pro Max protector

Supershieldz for the new Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is an anti-spy, tempered glass screen protector. Made from high-quality, privacy tempered glass, your screen is visible only to the viewer directly in front of it. Anti-scratch and bubble-free, Supershieldz carries a 9H hardness rating while maintaining the phone’s inherent touch experience. Its 2.5-D rounded edge glass is comfortable in the hand, while its own hydrophobic and oleophobic coating acts to reduce sweat and fingerprints. The package includes two screen protectors.

JETech Screen Protector

JETech iPhone 11 Pro Max screen protector

Made of high quality, 0.33mm thick, premium tempered glass with rounded edges, the JETech screen protector is transparent, highly responsive to touch, and resists scratches up to 9H hardness. It leaves the iPhone’s glass dust-free, fingerprint-free, and bubble-free and easily installs with a single push.

IRSHE Tempered Glass Screen Protector

IRSHE iPhone 11 Pro Max screen protector

This glass film screen protector offers reinforced technology and the 9H measure that protects your iPhone from unwanted scuffs and scratches from keys, coins, and other sharp or abrasive objects in your pocket. It provides 99% HD transparency with a smooth surface to preserve bright and clear image quality. Installation is easy because the protector self-expels air bubbles while automatically bonding with the screen. Coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layers on the glass, it also protects against oil residue from fingerprints over the long-term.

amFilm Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro Max

amFilm Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro Max

This screen protector is specially constructed for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, measuring 0.3mm to provide durability and sensitivity. The glass shield enables a natural, quality viewing experience with its 99.9% transparency and high definition resolution. Double taps are a thing of the past with this screen protector with its incredible touchscreen sensitivity function.

The screen’s diamond-hard 9H surface rating makes it highly resistant to scratches. Its oleophobic top layer also decreases the appearance of fingerprints. The amFilm starter kit comes with an easy-installation frame, stickers to eliminate dust, wet wipes, and three glass screen protectors.

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Spigen iPhone 11 Pro Max protector

This screen protector is an excellent fit for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Its durable tempered glass boasts an impressive rating of 9H, and it comes with an easy-to-install auto-alignment kit. This screen protector is compatible with the Spigen iPhone case, which is good news if you have or plan to have one. Like most better screen protectors on the market, the Spigen has an oleophobic layer, which prevents unappealing fingerprint buildup. Spigen’s screen protectors are available in a two-pack.

The screen is typically the component most vulnerable to damage, so its crucial to choose a screen protector that will keep the glass safe from drops, dirt, fingerprints, and scratches is essential. But keep in mind that if your iPhone 11 Pro Max drops from a great distance onto concrete other harsh surfaces, there’s no guarantee even the most durable cases will save it. But one of these state-of-the-art screen protectors will improve the chances of improving your iPhone 11 Pro Max’s lifespan.

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