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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with Clock review: The time is now

Amazon Alexa-powered speaker on a full-time basis in my home — until now. That’s partly because I bought a Google Home when it first became available and have been on the Google Assistant train since then. Plus, when you’ve heavily invested into the ecosystem, it’s tough to make the switch.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock. I know what you’re thinking. It’s just the Amazon Echo Dot slapped with an LED clock, right? But don’t dismiss it just because that’s a subtle change. Even now, months after its initial release, the Alexa driven smart speaker continues to be a delight when it comes to controlling the smart home — as well as quickly being able to tell time.

Amazon Echo Show 8 for video chat, or perhaps another ideal bedside companion with the Echo Spot. There’s also its successor in the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) and its many variants. While Alexa is capable of many things, there are always new tricks for Echo owners to learn and use.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Clock ring light

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Clock top

Google Nest Mini has a more cohesive look, mainly due to how it leverages LEDs and buttons that are embedded into its fabric cover, the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock benefits by offering a more tactile experience. That makes it much easier to use while groggy.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Clock angle

frequent updates that expand her toolkit. While there are some fundamental features you should definitely know about, there are new tricks that become available each month. You can try out the following with the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock.

Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) or Echo Studio.

our favorite smart speakers of 2020.

various skills, so you can expect this speaker to continue gaining new features. Since it is stationary and solidly built, the Echo Dot with Clock can stay in working condition for a long time.