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Apple will allow Parler back onto the App Store – CNET

The Parler social media app on Apple's App Store

Stephen Shankland/CNET

Parler will be allowed back onto Apple’s iOS App Store. After being taken down following the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol, the conservative social media service appears set to return to Apple’s virtual storefront. 

First reported by CNN, news of the app’s approval to return was delivered in a letter Apple sent on Monday to Utah Sen. Mike Lee and Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, both Republicans. In a tweet, Buck shared the letter and praised the move as a “huge win for free speech.”  

In the letter, Apple says it originally removed the app from its platform because its App Review Team “found a significant number of posts on Parler app that clearly violated” the company’s rules against “Objectionable Content.” This included posts that “encouraged violence, denigrated various ethnic groups, races and religions, glorified Nazism, and called for violence against specific people.” 

Apple says that it sent a “communication” to Parler requesting that it remove “specifically identified prohibited content” and explain “how Parler would improve its content moderation practices to comply” with Apple’s guidelines, noting that it had “previously notified Parler of similar compliance failures on multiple occasions.” 

After Parler “did not communicate a sufficient plan” to improve its moderation, Apple decided to remove the app from the App Store. The iPhone-maker adds that it has been in contact with Parler since then about getting its app to comply with Apple’s rules, and “as a result of those conversations, Parler has proposed updates to its app and the app’s content moderation practices” allowing it to return to the App Store once Parler resubmits the app.

Apple’s removal of Parler following the Jan. 6 attack coincided with Google kicking it off its Android Play Store and Amazon booting it from its Amazon Web Services platform. But the letter adds that Apple made its decision “independent” of similar moves made by Google and Amazon and that it “did not coordinate or otherwise consult” the other two tech giants. 

Apple had no comment beyond the letter. Parler didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.