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Best bike accessories 2021


Sticking your arm out to signal you’re turning can be dangerous, whether because you’re not a confident rider or because of a tricky road junction that forces you to keep both hands on the bars.

The answer is WingLights, which are essentially car indicators for your bike. They come in a few versions now, the latest of which is V3. There are two main types: a fixed set that stays on the bike and a more expensive magnetic set which has strong magnetic fittings so you can remove them when you lock up your bike. 

They flash at the same rate as a car and have two LEDs opposite each other: you can mount them so they’re visible front and rear or top and bottom. A push button on the end makes it easy to turn them on and off, even with gloves on. (There’s also a new 360° set which is more expensive still, but has better visibility.)

They’re not as bright as car indicators, but are very easy to see at dusk or at night, which is when you’ll most need drivers – and pedestrians – to see them.

They attach using a friction fit inside your handle bars, so may well require you to chop off the ends of your rubber handle grips.