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Boeing Starliner spacecraft test flight is delayed yet again


said in a release posted at the weekend.

#Starliner will be mission-ready in May, and with @NASA we're targeting August/September to launch Orbital Flight Test-2. The timeframe aligns with @Space_Station docking availabilities.

https://t.co/rk8G2LZi59 pic.twitter.com/8Wa31Qb8fi

April 17, 2021

failed to make it into the correct orbit to reach the ISS. After extensive work to correct various issues that caused the failed the flight, Boeing has had to delay the second test mission several times.

a particularly busy period of activity with various spacecrafts coming and going, and has to coordinate with United Launch Alliance, the company that will lift Starliner into orbit atop its Atlas V rocket.

returning human spaceflight missions to U.S. soil, with crewed missions to the moon, and possibly Mars, also planned. In related news, NASA recently selected commercial space transportation company SpaceX to develop the lander that will take astronauts from moon orbit to the lunar surface in a NASA Artemis mission that could take place as early as 2024.