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Microsoft Edge’s new Performance Mode could make it a more powerful web browser

Microsoft Edge could be getting a bit of a performance boost. Now in testing with the Canary version of the web browser is a new “Performance Mode” option, which helps optimize your browsing experience for speed and efficiency.

TheWinCentral. This means that some Edge Canary beta testers are seeing it, and others are not. However, if available for you, you can see it as a toggle switch under Edge’s System settings. From there, you have the choice to keep it to Always On which will turn off the Sleeping Tabs feature that usually tunes down Edge’s performance by putting inactive tabs to sleep.


Startup Boost. With this feature, Edge was able to start up to 41% faster than before.

Kids Mode,  a feature catered to providing children a safe webspace, and giving parents a little extra peace of mind.