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'The Palm Care Company' product review: Hand care must-have

Sanitisers have become a household product, an indispensable part of our lives. But having them in creams is a good-smelling, long-lasting solution to their otherwise anti-bacterial function.

The vanilla sanitising hand cream by The Palm Care Company has us hooked. It provides good moisturisation without making palms sweat. Redolent with a sweet, warm fragrance, you want to keep it close.

The hand cream lasts long too. It’s not greasy neither does it have any alcohol content. The brand claims to kill 99.9 percent of germs. We cannot vouch for that, but we can confidently say the product is deserving of consideration for doing its job of providing hydration and sanitisation. It’s pocket-friendly too.

The company produces these creams in small batches to ensure quality. Mostly comprising botanical ingredients, that are free of toxins. The best part is their size  50gm tubes that can just be slipped into the bag. The other merit is that they suit all skin types.

If you’re into lemony fragrances, pick the citron-sanitising hand cream. If fruity notes are your liking, buy Life Is Peachy or the orange variant.

Vanilla Sanitizing Hand Cream Price: Rs 399

Life Is Peachy Hand Cream Price: Rs 275

Citron Sanitizing Hand Cream Price: Rs 399

Availability: Thepalmcarecompany.com