When is the release date for the animated Tomb Raider show?

Netflix only announced the new Tomb Raider series in January 2021, so it could be quite a while before we get to enjoy the new show, as animation is often a long process.

One important factor is that 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the franchise, with the original Tomb Raider game making its debut on PlayStation back in 1996. So, we’d expect the series developers, Legendary, to be pulling out all the stops to bring Lara to Netflix before the end of the year if at all possible.

Fans of Lara Croft should also note that the film franchise is still active, with Alicia Vikander returning to the role in the follow up to her Tomb Raider movie released in 2018. The Hollywood Reporter revealed in January that Misha Green, creator of Lovecraft Country, has now been signed up to direct the sequel, although again there’s no confirmed release date.

What is the plot of the new Tomb Raider TV show?

As with the release schedule, there’s not much in the way of information available at this time about the storyline for Tomb Raider. What we do know is that the series will pick up after the events of the last video game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, in which Lara had to avert a global apocalypse triggered by her removing an ancient artifact from an abandoned temple.

This decision was forced upon her, as it was the only way to stop Pedro Dominguez, leader of the shadowy and heavily armed Trinity organisation, getting his hands on the artifact and remaking the entire world in his image. The game was set in various parts of South America and featured Mayan prophecies, magical artifacts, elaborate tomb puzzles to solve, and also explored the tragic death of Lara’s father.

Tomb Raider anime tv show release date cast and news: Shadow

Tomb Raider anime tv show release date cast and news: Shadow

If the anime is a continuation of the game trilogy (which also includes Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider), then expect these events to be referenced in the story.

Who are the cast and crew of the new animated Tomb Raider show?

No casting news has been announced, though we’d hope to see the games’ voice actors return to reprise their roles, including Lara’s – Camilla Luddington.

Aside from Lara Croft there are no details on which other characters will appear in the show. A good bet is the return of Jonah Maiava, the loyal companion that has accompanied Lara through the game trilogy, but aside from him the canvas is pretty much blank. 

Tomb Raider anime TV show release date cast and news

Tomb Raider anime TV show release date cast and news

The job of filling it in will fall to writer and showrunner Tasha Huo, who is already reported by CBR to be in the writers’ room for the upcoming The Witcher: Blood Origins. She’s an in-demand creator at the moment, with iO9 revealing that she will also be the screenwriter for the long overdue Red Sonja movie that’s set to be directed by Joey Soloway, who was responsible for the TV show Transparent.

Where can I watch the Tomb Raider animated series? 

As the new Tomb Raider anime is a Netflix Original show, you’ll only be able to watch on the streaming service. Take a look at our guide to which Netflix plan is right for you to see what options are currently available.

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