The Ordinary has a secret sister skincare brand you’ve never heard of

Non-invasive options in dermal science, or Niod for short, is a luxury skincare brand with the aim of improving the integrity of your skin through its range of cleansers, serums, hydrators, moisturisers and masks.

Launched in 2012, it’s also the lesser-known sister brand to The Ordinary, as the two brands are both owned by parent company, Deciem. While The Ordinary is well known for its affordable price tags, Niod sits in the luxury skincare sector, with products ranging from £20 to £55.

It’s not one for those who have newly entered the skincare sphere and are beginning to build a routine, instead, founder Brandon Truaxe described it as, “skincare for the hyper-educated”. So if you know your hyaluronic acid from your glycolic, this is the brand for you.

With minimal-looking packaging, lengthy instructions on how to use each product, but rather vague names, it’s not necessarily the easiest brand to navigate, so we’ve made it our mission to decipher Niod and share the best products the brand has to offer.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been rigorously testing Niod and have found its eight greatest hits. Here’s our in-depth review of each product, detailing how they can slot into your existing skincare routine.

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The best Niod products for 2021 are:

Niod low-viscosity cleaning ester

Best: For removing make-up

Don’t mistake this for a micellar water, it’s actually an incredibly lightweight oil that’s designed to be applied to a dry face, massaged in and rinsed off. It makes quick work of melting down a full face of make-up, in particular stubborn waterproof mascara, better than anything we’ve tried before. We’d recommend using a flannel to remove it, as if it’s just splashed off with water, you may find an oily residue left on the skin. The clear bottle is generously sized so it will last ages and means you can see how much you have left. After weeks of daily use, it barely made a dent in the 240ml size.

Niod photography fluid, opacity 12%

Best: For adding radiance

While this feels and looks like a serum, it’s actually a tint that evens out skin tone and reduces redness, which can be worn alone after your skincare routine or as a base beneath your foundation. It’s very fluid so easy to apply and adds a touch of radiance to the skin without any shimmer. It doesn’t go greasy after a few hours of wear like other similar products do, either. Containing dragon fruit chromatic refractor and an oil-free bio-sugar complex, it suits both oily and dry skin types and even blurs pores slightly too. If you want something lightweight for the summer with hardworking skincare ingredients, this is ideal, as it’s weightless and super-speedy to apply – we just used our fingers.

Niod sanskrit saponins cleanser

Best: Cleanser

It’s not immediately clear what this is, but it’s actually a cleanser and treatment all in one. You use it as you would a cleansing balm, massaging the rich texture into a dry face before splashing off with water, to reveal a silky soft complexion. The formula is rich in amino acid, lysine – which stems from Ayurvedic plants including sapindus mukorossi and shikakai. Made with congested skin in mind, it’s a real treat after you’ve taken off your make-up but definitely too heavy to use in the morning, so keep this in your evening routine.

Niod fractionated eye contour concentrate serum

Best: For anti-aging

Unlike any eye product we’ve tried before, the consistency of this serum is like water, which admittedly does take a few tries to perfect applying without it dripping everywhere – we found two drops were plenty. It is at the pricier end of Niod’s products, costing £43 for 15ml, so it’s best to use sparingly to make it last longer. Tackling fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles, it’s very fast-absorbing despite the texture and immediately leaves delicate under-eye skin feeling softer and refreshed.

Niod hydration vaccine

Best: Moisturiser for dry skin

Don’t let the name confuse you (see a pattern here?), this is a brilliant moisturiser for dry skin. We loved the huge tube, just be careful not to use too much as a little goes a long way. It’s very fast absorbing and leaves skin soft, supple and smooth, making it perfect beneath make-up. However it’s not overly rich or thick, so doesn’t give skin a shine, nor make it feel greasy. It’s easy to travel with too as the tube isn’t bulky like a pot and took up very little space in our staycation bag. If you lean towards combination skin, with areas of oiliness, we’d recommend using this only in the evening before bed, as you may find it too heavy during the day.

Niod multi-molecular hyaluronic complex MMHC2

Best: For dehydration

One of the most well-known Niod products is this hyaluronic acid serum that hydrates, improves moisture levels and replenshines our skin’s natural supply of the ingredient that depletes as we age. It feels quite wet and slippery, and it’s not the fastest absorbing serum we’ve tried but it is a very effective way to treat dehydration. There is a slight tackiness as you massage it in, but nothing off-putting, just be sure to wait a few minutes until it’s fully absorbed before applying your moisturiser or make-up. Admittedly it doesn’t have the most pleasant smell, but it disappears once it’s absorbed, leaving skin feeling smoother, softer, less irritated and plumper.

Copper amino isolate serum 2:1

Best: Niod product for acne

This comes in two bottles, one is the activator, the other is the serum, which needs to be poured into the other and gently tipped upside down to mix before use, which makes you feel like you’re doing a fun chemistry experiment in your bathroom. It identifies specific skin concerns and adjusts to treat them accordingly, with a very long list of benefits, ranging from improving acne, evening skin tone, boosting radiance and delivering a brighter complexion. It’s a watery texture rather than a typically gloopy style, so is very fast-absorbing and leaves skin immediately softer.

Niod survival 30

Best: Sunscreen

Again, this has a vague product name, but it’s Niod’s SPF30 sunscreen. The bottle is a similar size to the serums in the range, which is unusually compact, so if you are regimented with your sunscreen, you may find you’ll run out quicker. That said, it’s a brilliant buy for all skin types, even oily, as it’s lightweight, not sticky or greasy, and doesn’t take ages to rub in. If you find SPF a bit of a bother to wear everyday or struggle to find one that sits nicely under make-up, this is ideal to slot into your routine without any bother, and it’s quickly become a staple in our regimen. Our only gripe is that we wish it was available in a larger size.

The verdict: Best Niod products

Don’t let the often confusing product names put you off investing in Niod. There are plenty of high-quality, well-performing options that cater to a variety of skin types and concerns, it’s simply a brand that requires you to do more research on what your skin needs before introducing it into your routine.

Our top pick is undoubtedly the low-viscosity cleaning ester, taking seconds to break down the longest-lasting make-up products. Not only is it a fast working, effective cleanser for removing make-up and SPF, it’s also an easy entry point to the brand that you can’t go wrong with.

Additionally the photography fluid works brilliantly to give skin a healthy glow while concealing redness and evening out skin tone, making it an excellent option as a make-up base in the summer months.

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