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Warning: Full spoilers for all six Season 1 episodes of Marvel’s Loki follow…

Now that the dust has settled on the mind-bending Season 1 Loki finale, which signals a major shift for the entire MCU, we’ve got a handful of questions. That’s right, the theories aren’t exactly flowing as freely following Episode 6, but in true TV cliffhanger fashion, we have a ton of stuff we want answered. Yes, the questions have been flying fast and furiously in the IGN Loki Slack channel. Especially since the events of Loki directly affect a long-running mega-movie franchise you may have heard of called the MCU.

“For All Time. Always.” ended with Sylvie, not heeding a pretty big warning about evil Variant Kangs arriving to kick off a new Multiversal War, sending Loki through a time portal and killing He Who Remains. Instead of taking He Who Remains up on his offer to dual-rule the TVA with Loki, she opted for revenge and now the entire timeline has been thrown into chaos. With MCU movies on the horizon featuring the multiverse, like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of you know what and Spider-Man: No Way Home, and also a second season of Loki, here are some big looming questions we have about the toppling of the Sacred Timeline.

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Question: Why Didn’t Mobius Know Who Loki Was?

With the timeline splintering and a new multiverse sprouting up, of course countless alternative universes now exist to explore. But where did Loki land exactly?

Sylvie sent Loki through a TemPad timedoor before she stabbed He Who Remains. The only thing is, Loki seems to have landed in a timeline other than what was previously referred to as the Sacred Timeline — one where the Mobius native to that universe doesn’t know about all the adventures the Mobius we’ve been following all season just had. Sure, there are elements here meant to trick the viewer so that it’s a surprise when Mobius doesn’t know who Loki is, but does it all line up time-wise? How fast are these new timelines created and why would that TemPad send Loki to a new one?

We could be overthinking this, since Sylvie did use He Who Remains’ special TemPad, and that could be locked into a different set of space/time rules, but it’s certainly noticeably that the Time Variance Authority reality that Loki winds up in is in the midst of dealing with the same multiversal crisis that was happening out at the Edge of Time. Mobius and Hunter B-15 are dealing with the massive calamity, so it connects to the rest of the show. The big difference is that Mobius and B-15 don’t know who Loki is and the big boss statue is now that of Kang himself.

Kang the Conqueror and... Kang the Conqueror?

Kang the Conqueror and… Kang the Conqueror?

So was this timeline the Sacred one at one point and then it got like a “new timeline” wash-over? One that happened even while Loki was there and searching for people? Or did Loki somehow get sent to a totally different TVA timeline?

Also, what is the rule with the TVA and the multiverse? Are there now millions of TVAs or is the TVA, by nature, exempt from this? The basics of the switcheroo make sense, and Mobius not remembering Loki was a great beat, but digging into the details, as nerdlings are wont to do, there are questions.

Question: What Were the Files He Who Remains Gave Ravonna Renslayer?

Okay, so this one is actually meant to be a full-fledged answered-later mystery, but it’s still got us stumped.

What were the new files that He Who Remains sent to Renslayer? The ones Miss Minutes remarked would be more useful to her. And then following that, where did Renslayer escape to? She told Mobius that she was off “in search of free will” even though she actually was kind of against the idea of free will. Sure, she wanted to know who was behind the TVA but she also fell in line with all of it. She convinced herself that it all had to mean something and that their work was both important and necessary.

We assume that her destination was in the files and that it was a place Kang wanted her to explore. So where is that, and what did that Kang Variant want her to find there?

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