Google Stadia Game Director Leaves to Join Google Cloud – IGN

Google Stadia director for games Jack Buser has left the company to work for Google Cloud. Buser will head up Cloud’s gaming arm as the new Director of Global Gaming Solutions, according to a new report from ZDNet.

Buser will begin his tenure at Cloud on September 13, where he’ll report directly to Google Cloud Vice President of Industry Solutions Lori Mitchell-Keller.

“Jack’s hire illustrates Google Cloud’s continued investment into our global, customer-first gaming strategy, and his five years at Google will help open doors for broader strategic partnerships with customers across YouTube, Stadia, and more,” Mitchell-Keller said in a statement to ZDNet. “Jack brings 20 years of experience within the industry as well as a unique blend of business and technical knowledge to further expand our ability to serve gaming customers.”

News of Buser’s departure from Stadia comes just a few months after Stadia’s Head of Product John Justice left the company, which happened just two days before it was revealed that six key Stadia staff members had left the company to join Haven Entertainment Studios.

Buser’s departure follows a string of departures likely spurred on by Stadia shutting down its internal game studios back in February, which reportedly happened in part because of the Microsoft-Bethesda acquisition that happened earlier this year.

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