Join PlayStation Plus For Only $50 And Get A $20 Store Credit – IGN

It seems like PlayStation is always pushing the limits with new innovative games, consoles, and subscription programs. For those who love this console and its wide variety of classic games, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain your love for the past and what’s coming in. From losing discs, to changing and upgrading systems — simply keeping all of your favorites from years past and now together is a hassle on its own.

You can consolidate a lot of your favorites and countless more with the right subscription program, and that is this PlayStation Plus: 12-Month Subscription, which comes with a $20 Store Credit. Valued at $59.99, this package deal will come down to $49.99 with code PLAYSTATION10 at checkout.

Upon subscribing, you’ll be able to take your gaming experiences to a whole new level. You’ll connect with an enormous online community of gamers, and with them, you can compete in PS classics such as Star Wars: Battlefront, Uncharted, and many more. On top of its wide catalogue of classic games, PlayStation Plus also delivers a monthly collection of free games. This ever-expanding library is at the disposal of subscribers just like yourself. This deal also features exclusive discounts and cloud storage for uploading saved games and character profiles.

PlayStation Plus is rated 4.8/5 stars on Amazon for its impressive offerings, and fair price point. Keep all of your beloved classics in one place and keep up with the constantly growing and evolving world of video games with this awesome membership, and enjoy the special $20 store credit that’s included in this special deal.

The PlayStation Plus: 12-Month Subscription lists at $59.99 and is on sale with a special $20 store credit for just $49.99 with code PLAYSTATION10 at checkout.

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