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We’re getting closer and closer to the return of Dexter, and a brand new trailer has confirmed the return of two major characters who should be familiar to fans of the show.

For those who want to be surprised, we advise you to watch the trailer first, which once again establishes that Dexter is in a remote and snowy town where some murdering is going on. The suggestion is that Dexter hasn’t changed all that much since his monstrous heyday, but then again, Dexter does say he’s an “evolving monster.” (Cue Pokemon theme).

The two characters revealed in the trailer are Deb Morgan, who is played by Jennifer Carpenter, and Dexter’s now teenage son Harrison. Deb Morgan, of course, was a major character in the original series — an officer in Miami’s homicide department as well as Dexter’s adoptive sister. It seems that Dexter has a lot of family issues to work out in the new series.

The two characters shown in the new trailer will be joined by other familiar faces from the show, including John Lithgow, who played one of its most iconic villains. The new miniseries will pick up where the original left off, taking place 10 years after the original.

The original Dexter is fondly remembered, even if most seem to agree that the show’s quality declined over time. Series star Michael C. Hall has previously said that he’s ready to return to the series after the “unsatisfying finale,” and there’s plenty of hope that the new miniseries will set things right for fans.

Dexter: New Blood will debut on Showtime on November 7.

Kat Bailey is a Senior News Editor at IGN.

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