New God of War: Ragnarok trailer shown off at PlayStation Showcase


Santa Monica Studio

It was almost a full 12 months ago that we first glimpsed God of War: Ragnarok, but we’ve now gotten our first look at the game in detail, with its latest showing during the PlayStation Showcase. God of War: Ragnarok’s story picks up sometime after the events of the previous game, with an older Kratos and Atreus trying to survive in the frozen landscape as Ragnarok approaches, and with the Norse god Thor seeking revenge against the father and son. 

The new trailer shows off the changed landscape of the original game, while also detailing some of the new areas you’ll get to visit. Along with using wolves and a sled to traverse frozen lakes, you’ll be able to take your boat to new towns, where you can interact with townsfolk. But of course, there’s plenty of monsters and villains to fight, and the father and son team is still just as capable of taking down the different threats.

We also got a detailed look at the story, with Kratos and Atreus, who’s grown into a young adult, at odds with each other. To make matters worse, Freya, a former ally turned antagonist is now after Kratos, forcing the duo on the run. To further complicate things, Thor has sent minions after Kratos, and they’ll be using lightning-infused weapons to try to take him down.

The trailer was a lengthy look at the game, and it really delivered in showing the scope of what’s to come with God of War: Ragnarok. The 2018 God of War was something of a restart for the vaunted franchise, and it proved to be among the PlayStation 4’s best games. Unfortunately, despite God of War’s ending hinting at a sequel, we haven’t seen anything of Kratos and Son since 2018. The existence of a sequel was confirmed at a PlayStation Showcase last year when we got a teaser trailer for Ragnarok.

That trailer from last year was short on details, however. All it showed was a logo, and a 2021 release date, which we now know was an overly optimistic one. The game’s been shrouded in mystery ever since, with the only update coming in June when Santa Monica Studios confirmed the game was being moved to 2022

“We’ve made the decision to push that game out to next year, to ensure that Santa Monica Studio can deliver the amazing God of War game that we all want to play,” said Herman Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios.

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