New Warriors Series Featuring Squirrel Girl Was Killed Because It Was ‘Too Gay,’ Showrunner Says – IGN

Marvel’s live-action New Warriors comedy series featuring Squirrel Girl was cancelled because it was “too gay,” according to the series’ showrunner.

As reported by Gizmodo, former New Warriors showrunner, Kevil Biegel, tweeted out three behind-the-scenes images of Milana Vayntrub’s Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl. Naturally, that tweet was quickly deleted, but Gizmodo was able to take a screenshot of the photos before Biegel took them down.

Biegel also tweeted a brief explanation as to why the show was cancelled, citing that it was “too gay.”

“A SINGULAR power that be killed the show,” Biegel reportedly wrote in a now-deleted tweet chain, according to Gizmodo. “Because it was too gay. A rich, straight, Brentwood turd. He got fired for being vile at his company. We, on the other hand, live.”

Other tweets made by Biegel, which also have been deleted, allege that New Warriors was cancelled by a homophobic executive that took aim at the show for being “very, very proudly gay.” Biegel did not reveal who that executive was, but the former showrunner did clarify that it was not Jeph Loeb, who left Marvel when the studio closed its Marvel Television arm.

The three photos posted by Biegel overnight show Vayntrub (who you might recognize from those AT&T commercials) standing in what appears to be a studio space wearing a Doreen Green outfit with a large squirrel tail prosthetic attached to her backside. Another photo shows Vayntrub with a puppet of Tippy-Toe, who is Squirrel Girls’ real-life squirrel sidekick, on her shoulder.

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The third photo was artwork from the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic run helmed by Erica Henderson, Rico Renzi, and Ryan North, according to Gizmodo.

Details of this now-cancelled New Warriors comedy TV series first came out way back in 2017, when it was revealed that Freeform had ordered the series from Marvel. It was then revealed in 2018 that the series would focus on Squirrel Girl.

New Warriors was quietly cancelled in 2019 alongside the shuttering of Marvel Television and it was revealed a couple of months later that the show would have featured a live-action M.O.D.O.K.

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