Our Review Of Flamin’ Hot Soda — Which Is A Real Thing & Not A Prank

For years and years, there was only one flavor of Mountain Dew. While we honestly still can’t zero in on exactly what this sugary soda is supposed to taste like, it’s always seemed like a blend of overly pungent car air freshener and some type of hard-to-pinpoint citrus fruit. It was never great, per se, but it hits some nostalgia centers and I still have one from time to time.

Over the years, Mtn Dew (their preferred spelling these days) branched out into flavors like Baja Blast, Major Melon, and Code Red. Now the brand is dropping arguably its boldest flavor yet, Flamin’ Hot.

Yes, a Flamin’ Hot drink. That people will put in their bodies. Willingly. It’s real. Not a prank. Or maybe a prank — but one that features a real product and will likely prove incredibly profitable.

PepsiCo also owns Cheetos, so, in the grand corporate synergy sense, it was only a matter of time before the two flavors finally met in one, spicy, sugary package. We know the company enjoys adding “Flamin’ Hot” flavor to Cheetos, Smart Popcorn, Ruffles, Doritos, and other savory snacks. But a beverage? Even the youths think that sounds gross, right?

Read on to see if the flavor was as unappetizing as the general concept.

Christopher Osburn

Average Price: $12 for a six-pack

The Story:

Available beginning on August 31st, Mtn Dew Flamin’ Hot can only be purchased at the Dew store (online) while supplies last. It’s only available for a limited time so if you want to completely destroy your taste buds and ruin your day by sipping this soda while you eat Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, get to it.

Christopher Osburn

Tasting Notes:

This soda pours a terrifying color of red that looks more like carbonated blood than soda. The aroma is slightly citrusy with hints of Frank’s Red Hot and remorse. Honestly, for such a spicy-sounding drink, I expected the nose to be a little more pungent. Just don’t make the same mistake I did of inhaling too deeply, because it will start a coughing fit on par with breathing in chili powder.

The first sip really surprised me. While I still don’t see myself finishing this whole can without ending up with a severe case of heartburn mixed with regret, the first sip wasn’t half bad. It had the citrus kick Mountain Dew fans expect with a light dose of spicy heat. It pretty much tastes like someone managed to mix the hot sauce into their Mountain Dew without making it taste vinegary and salty.

It’s not insane or undrinkable. If you like sugar water and chemical-driven spice… you won’t loathe it. Some bartender is going to use it for a Bloody Mary and go viral. But I’m also fine never drinking it again.

Christopher Osburn

Bottom Line:

It’s really hard to describe a soda since there aren’t many nuanced flavors. But I would say that fans of over-the-top Mountain Dew flavors who enjoy a little kick would definitely enjoy this soda. It’s not nuts but it’s still a little too spicy for me. if I’m sipping spice it had better have a little booze in it and if I’m adding booze to a soda it won’t be this one.

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