The Renpho massage gun is currently even cheaper at Amazon

Pretty much anyone over the age of 25 can tell you that daily life quickly takes its toll on your body, leaving you with aches, pains, and joints that shouldn’t click but do anyway. While the Renpho R3 GM171 massage gun can’t completely protect you from the ravages of time, it can work wonders in soothing those aching muscles after a long day. What’s more, it will do it for a steal.

Based on its power and performance, we were already impressed by the R3 GM171’s price, and that applies more than ever now that it’s been discounted by 20% at Amazon. Down from £100 to an even more palatable £80, this firmly undercuts most of the competition, while still providing the same level of quality as before.

And make no mistake, this massage gun has plenty of quality to give. Inside the rugged and compact carry case, you’ll find the gun itself, a USB-C charging cable, the user manual and a generous five different massager heads – ball, fork, flat, bullet and “air-cushion”.

Each of these heads is suited to different parts of your body; our reviewer found that while the ball was effective at preventing post-workout aches for most muscles, the bullet was better suited to penetrate through the thicker muscle mass like hamstrings, and the air-cushion was best for tender areas, such as elbow and knee joints.

The 2,500mAh battery provides up to 80 minutes of use, after which point, you’re looking at around three hours of charging before it’s fully juiced again. Once powered on, the gun has five different speed settings that dictate how many oscillations the head will make in a minute, ranging from 1,800rpm to 3,200rpm. While a particularly persistent ache may make you want to jump straight to the fastest setting, we recommend starting slow and gradually working your way up, to better find the perfect setting for you.

No matter which speed you choose, you never have to worry about noise levels. Renpho rates the R3 GM171 at just 45 decibels, which is roughly as loud as an electric toothbrush. It’s also a fairly lightweight machine at just 680g, which is perfect for when you need hard-to-reach areas like your upper back. A massage gun that makes your arm ache from using it wouldn’t be very practical, after all.

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