Best Buy flash sale: Get these Black Friday-level deals now on laptops, TVs and more




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Target is touting a big, early Black Friday sale in the form of Target Deal Days. But Best Buy isn’t taking that challenge lying down. It’s launched a surprise flash sale that just happens to run the same three days (Sunday, Oct. 10 through Tuesday, Oct. 12) and it’s got plenty of solid offerings, too. 

We’ve rounded up our favorites below, albeit with a caveat: We’ve noted where Amazon has matched these prices (where it has, in many cases).

Best Buy

Step up to CNET’s favorite 65-inch TV, and it will run you about $1,100 — ouch. So if you’re a bit less picky about image quality and smart TV options, why not save a bundle? That’s what the Insignia F30 is offering: The 4K HDR model offers a whopping 70-inch screen size and built-in Amazon Fire TV smart TV apps for just $550 — half the price of that aforementioned TCL. No, it’s not going to be “as good,” but you’ll still get most of the same apps and a reasonable 4K picture to boot. 

Best Buy sale prices matched at Amazon

The following are all great deals — just note that the prices are also being matched at Amazon.

David Carnoy/CNET

Yes, Apple’s flagship headphones are incredibly expensive — as in “costs more than a PS5” expensive. But along with Sony and Bose, they’re arguably some of the best full-size noise-canceling headphones on the market. And this week at Best Buy, Amazon and Adorama, they’re back down to their lowest price to date: $449. That’s $100 less than what you’d be paying if you walked into an Apple Store this week.

César Salza/CNET

Yes, Best Buy sells Fire tablets made by its frenemy, Amazon. This is the latest 2020 flavor of the 8-inch model, which offers USB-C charging and 32GB of storage to start. Amazon is, of course, also selling this model for the same price. But regardless of which vendor you choose, you’re getting one of the best tablet deals out there, and a better experience that Amazon’s smaller, less powerful 7-inch model. Lastly, this price is just $5 above the all-time low for this product.

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