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Lifestyle Titbits, a product review and informational website focusing on improving the lifestyle of people, has just turned one. It is looking to hire data analysts, product testers, and content writers for the website. Read more and apply if you are interested.

SOLAN, India – October 7, 2021 – (

Lifestyle Titbits was launched in 2020 by two techies from India – Varun and Vivek who have spent nearly a decade developing e-commerce assets for their clients. It has turned one today and is looking to expand by hiring more staff.

It all began when the founders felt a gap in the entire sales cycle. Since they are the ones who played with data on their client projects, they soon realized that a prospective buyer in the virtual markets has many options, but few credible sources of information.

On a closer look at the number of product returns their clients were facing, they discovered that it was not the product that had something wrong, but the way it was described. Product descriptions lacked enough information for the buyer to make a rational purchase decision. As a result, the buyer did not achieve the levels of satisfaction with the product, and, in frustration, returned it.

So, as a remedial measure, Varun Sood and Vivek Sethi started Lifestyle Titbits – a website that focuses on informing, educating, and guiding online buyers on lifestyle-related products.

What started a year back as a two-person synergy has now become an eight-member power team. In its first year of existence, the Lifestyle Titbits team has churned out enticing product review posts that make a difference in the lives of thousands of online buyers. Their keen eye on the common man’s issues and resolving them with apt product recommendation is phenomenal.

The primary intent behind the launch of Lifestyle Titbits was to provide research-based product reviews and product usage guidance to the typical online shopper who never had enough insights to step out of the glimmery and often under-informed product descriptions and misleading reviews. But, the founders found another gap in the lifestyle blogging ecosystem, which they have resolved in their blog. They observed that most of the blogs were either pushing the affiliate agenda hard through their content, providing little value to the blog reader, or providing in-depth information without sending readers to the right destination in case they wanted to buy the product.

That’s where Lifestyle Titbits aces over other similar review blogs; they provide deep research-based insights on the products and educate their readers on product usage and the right avenue to purchase it from. They are very transparent about their research methodologies and are also sensitive to the voices of their followers.

Lifestyle Titbits is currently hiring data analysts, product testers, and content writers. To apply, you can connect with them using the following details:


Email: [email protected]

Address: Lifestyle Titbits, #153, Kapur Estate, Near Hotel Paragon, Solan (Himachal Pradesh), India

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Lifestyle Titbits Turns One and is Looking to Hire Remote Staff

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