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There’s no doubt that mastering a second, or third language will only improve your ability to work and communicate around the world and at home. As one of the most spoken languages in the world, many of us English speakers have set our sights on learning the beautiful language of Spanish. Unfortunately, the older you get, the more difficult it can be to put in the time it takes to actually learn a language. This is especially true, because oftentimes studying is boring, and a far less appealing activity than say playing video games or watching movies.

Luckily, you can make learning Spanish way more fun with an exciting, creative, and innovative platform. One great example is the Earworms MBT Language Learning Bundle: Vol 1-3 (Spanish), which is on sale for just $14.99 (reg. $40). With this collection of content, you can ditch the boring vocabulary lessons of other apps and programs, and learn European Spanish with 3 volumes of musical language audio. These volumes cover basic words, verbs, phrases, situations, and more.

The concept of that Earworms takes to teaching a language is original and fun. It’s inspired by those moments when we’ve all heard songs that are so catchy that they get stuck in our heads for days on end. Earworm’s Musical Brain Training (MBT) uses this phenomenon to get words, phrases, and conversation stuck in your head in an enjoyable way.

With this bundle, you can access 3 volumes of musical learning for European Spanish. You will examine common situations, like taking a taxi, going to a restaurant, or asking for directions. You will also learn how to talk about yourself, ask others how they are, and take part in common conversational areas.

Don’t miss your chance to get the Earworms MBT Language Learning Bundle: Vol 1-3 (Spanish) for just $14.99 (reg. $40).

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