MARVEL’s Guardians of the Galaxy Review Scores: Is it Worth It?

MARVEL’s Guardians of the Galaxy is finally here, and it has been stellar so far. We’ve gotten a copy of the game post-launch, and we’ve had so much fun with the game. But what do other critics say about MARVEL’s Guardians of the Galaxy? How do the Guardians of the Galaxy review scores looking like? Don’t fret, as we gather the different reviews on Guardians of the Galaxy on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, to help you understand just how well Eidos Montreal exceeded the expectations set on Guardians of the Galaxy.

To be fair, after the disastrous MARVEL’s Avengers by Crystal Dynamics, expectations for Guardians of the Galaxy were pretty low as well. Guardians of the Galaxy was announced just three months back, and at that time, fans were kicking on how Avengers was a disappointment. It does feel like SQUARE ENIX learned a lot from their experience with Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy feels like an apology letter. This game was released with far less hype and fanfare, but the resulting product is really great.

MARVEL’s Guardians of the Galaxy Review Scores: 77 (PC), 81 (PS5), and 83 (XBX) Metascore on Metacritic

In recent years, Triple-A game developer studios have been allergic to a couple of things: Completely Single-player gameplay, Zero Microtransactions, Linear Level Design and Stories, and Zero Online Functionalities. MARVEL’s Guardians of the Galaxy embraces all these things, resulting in a really good product overall. It’s a completely single-player game with no-nonsense online functionalities. All unlockables and collectibles in the game are obtained through gameplay, and none of them can be bought. Progression is entirely up to the gameplay as well, with no way to spend money on the game to progress faster.

On top of these, MARVEL’s Guardians of the Galaxy has a combat system that is deep enough to keep you engaged in every combat encounter; has a really well-written story that may even eclipse the 2014 film; has fantastic graphics that may just make Guardians of the Galaxy the best-looking game of the year; and finally, very well-polished for a Triple-A game which we haven’t seen a lot in recent years.

Currently, the game holds favorable scores on MetaCritic, with the highest reviews coming from the Xbox Series X version of the game. The lowest scores come from PC. We’ll sample reviews from each platform, so don’t worry.

MARVEL’s Guardians of the Galaxy PC Reviews

As mentioned above, Guardians of the Galaxy has its lowest review scores on PC, with a Metacritic score of 77.

PC Invasion gave the game its highest score – 85. The review concludes saying: “This is a lengthy, funny, and endearing game that treats these wonderful characters with a lot of respect, even if Star-Lord’s constant, “okay team, we got this” motivational schtick can feel too trite or cloying. Anyone looking to see what they love about the Gunn movies will see a lot of that distilled here. Also, freezing things and shattering them is always a hoot… The plot meanders and the game is somewhat too long, but it’s still a great time and well worth experiencing for Guardians fans.”

PCGamesN gave the game a 7/10. The review reads: “Guardians of the Galaxy mostly nails the quirky tone and characters that Marvel fans will be hoping for. Otherwise strong presentation is marred by a few too many visual glitches, but if you can tolerate these and some repetitive combat, it’s worth a look.”

Finally, PC Gamer gave the game 7/10 as well, in spite of game-breaking bugs they’ve experienced while playing the game. Their review reads: “Guardians of the Galaxy desperately wants to be a technicolor, starfaring adventure worthy of the multimedia powerhouse that shares its namesake. It accomplishes that with its story, its voice cast, and its wonderfully cheeky ’80s pastiche. If only the technical side could better keep up with those ambitions.”

Guardians of the Galaxy PS5 Review Scores: 81 Metascore

While the PC version of the game may have been marred by compatibility issues and performance inconsistencies, the console versions seem to have fared better.

PSUniverse gave the game a near-perfect 9.5/10. The review reads: “Eidos Montreal has crafted one of the best superhero games to date. Their attention to world-building and characterization should be followed by many studios to come. The exciting combat, which blends action RPG elements with strategic player commands, and breathtaking visuals and animations, is something to behold. But what truly sets this title apart is the fantastic writing, not just for the Guardians themselves, but for every character you come across. If you weren’t a fan of the franchise before, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy might just change your mind.”

Gamespot‘s MARVEL’s Guardians of the Galaxy review score is a 7/10. The review reads: “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t feature an engaging combat system, save for the moments where the team huddles provide a loose connection to the much more engaging narrative theme of the strength of communication. The game instead shines via its storytelling, which is enhanced by a talented collection of voice actors and a wonderful soundtrack. If this game is your introduction to the titular heroes, it’s not the best first impression, but sometimes when the galaxy needs to be saved, you can settle for good enough.”

Finally, TheSixthAxis‘ review for the game has a score of 6/10. The review reads: “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a great portrayal of the space-faring heroes and a good game. We encountered some annoying bugs that are hopefully alleviated with patches, and it’s pretty linear, but this is an interstellar romp that you can enjoy across a few evenings.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Review Scores for Xbox Series X: 83 Metascore

Interestingly, the Xbox Series X scores for Guardians of the Galaxy are higher than the PS5 version of the game. There doesn’t seem to be a significant difference between the two versions, however. It appears that the Xbox Series X version had higher scores just because of the specific reviewers for the two consoles. The funnier part is how the PS5 version had a 95 score as its highest rating, while the Xbox Series X’s highest rating is only 91.

In any case, the SomosXbox review gave the game a 91 score, with its review reading (translation via Metacritic): “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy offers an excellent linear single player experience. With a great artistic design, a fun combat system and an outstanding script, this new title by Eidos Montreal will greatly satisfy any fan of narrative-focused games. Yes, some aspects like its animations are not up to par, but it doesn’t impact its final result. We had a huge smile all the way through this fun game, enjoying its dialogues, its combat and sinking in its marvelous setting. And that’s the most important thing to us.”

For SpazioGamesGuardians of the Galaxy is only worth a 7/10, with their review reading (translation thanks to Metacritic): “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is like a tie-in of 15 year ago with corridors, forced paths to follow and little arenas in which you must fight enemies in the same way. Marvel’s fan will adore references, easter eggs and cameos, but it’s not enough to make this project shine like a new star in the galaxy.”

Finally, VG24/7 gave the game an 8/10 score, with their review reading: “By dodging the eager game-as-service guff, Guardians of the Galaxy can focus on being something more compelling – even if you won’t play it for as long. For its ten-plus hour runtime, you’ll enjoy a thrilling, gripping, funny, and surprisingly heartfelt adventure. The game built around that narrative framework isn’t earth shattering – but it is enough scaffolding to allow the story to shine. You have to understand what Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is going into – but if you do, one of the finest narrative games of the year awaits. Switch your brain off, give yourself over to its story, and you’ll find much to enjoy.”

Conclusion: Is MARVEL’s Guardians of the Galaxy worth your time and money?

In our opinion with our own experience with the game, it’s a magnificent, good-looking game that brings in a lot of fun. The game has a short lifespan, with its only replay value dependent on the player’s willingness to go for another ride, but its linear level design and linear storyline felt refreshing in today’s world where all games have to have branching storylines and open worlds. Guardians of the Galaxy is the type of game you’d play after work when you want to switch off your brain and play a fun cool game. The game’s story is also surprisingly well-written, with a lot of the characters in the game fully fleshed out and characterized well by their amazing voice work. For us, Guardians of the Galaxy is worth your time and money, and even worth recommending to your friends who love superheroes like us.

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