Keep track of your valuables this Black Friday with the Vodafone Curve

(Pocket-lint) – We’ve all dealt with the headache that comes with losing valuable objects. Most of us have misplaced our wallets with valuable cards at one time or another. You may have also misplaced other gadgets, such as your headphones, keys, or remote controls. Or perhaps you have an adventurous pet that’s fond of wandering away from home. In all of these moments, a small, nifty GPS tracker could help you keep track of your valuables.

And that’s precisely what Vodafone Curve does!

This Black Friday is the perfect time to get your hands on Vodafone’s sleek, key-sized GPS tracker called Curve, widely being called the “champion of finding.” This SIM-enabled GPS tracker can be attached to just about any valuable object, such as your keyring, wallet, or pet’s collar, so you never lose sight of it again. Since it comes with an inbuilt SIM, you can rest assured that the tracking capabilities won’t be reliant on Bluetooth proximity or WiFi.

Vodafone Curve is generally available for £30, but you can now get it for only £15 — that’s a whopping 50% discount upfront! Furthermore, Vodafone is also offering 50% off their 24 month subscriptions, so the savings really stack up in the long run.

Below, we highlight why you need to get the Vodafone Curve this Black Friday.

Never lose your valuables with this smart GPS tracker

Vodafone Curve is a smart GPS tracker, so its primary function is to help you keep track of gadgets, valuables, and other objects. The Bluetooth helps you locate items within a close range, such as bags and keys. If you believe the misplaced item with Curve is within 15 meters from you, the “Beep to Find” feature in the Vodafone Smart App will help you track it down. This feature is ideal for items still close to your person, such as a misplaced remote.

Bluetooth, however, has its limitations — it can only work within a 15-meter range. If you’ve misplaced your wallet in another part of the city, you can’t really use Bluetooth to track it down. In that case, Vodafone Curve’s inbuilt SIM gives you real-time updates about the device’s location in your smartphone app. Furthermore, the inbuilt SIM also allows you to track objects in 90+ countries, provided they’re in areas with Vodafone network availability.

As light as a keyring and just as handy!

Vodafone Curve is extremely small and light — it’s no bigger or heavier than a house key. And just like a keyring, you can easily connect Curve to other objects, such as pet collars, keys, bags, and wallets. As such, there’s no risk of you misplacing or losing the objects. You can also connect the keyring to your children’s backpacks, allowing you to keep track of them when they’re off to school!

Create boundaries and safe zones to receive alerts

Vodafone Curve allows you to create boundaries and zones for your devices using the smartphone app. Whenever the Curve moves outside that pre-defined space, you’ll immediately receive an alert on your smartphone, allowing you to track it down. This feature is especially suitable for pet parents of adventurous pets — you’ll receive a notification whenever your pet wanders away from your home.

Connect up to 20 Curve devices to your Vodafone app

You can connect up to 20 Curve devices to your Vodafone Smart App account. That means you can control and track the location of up to 20 objects at once, which should be more than enough for you to track all your valuables, including your pets and children! Curve easily fits into your life however you choose to live it!

Share location with others

The Vodafone Smart App provides real-time location updates for all of your Curve devices, so you can track them down wherever they are. You can also share the device’s coordinates through Apple or Google Maps over SMS, WhatsApp, or any other method. However, if you share the coordinates through Google Maps, the recipient will only receive the stationary location rather than live updates.

Long-lasting battery and weather resistance

Vodafone Curve has an extremely long-lasting battery, so you can rest assured that it won’t run out of juice when you’ve misplaced something. It also features IP67 water-resistant rating, which means it will continue working in rainstorms and if it’s submerged underwater.

Save BIG on Vodafone Curve this Black Friday!

  • Discount: 50% off upfront + 50% off 24-month subscription
  • Original Cost: £30
  • Current Cost: £15
  • £1.50 per month for 24 months (50% off subscription)
  • (or £6pm with no min subscription)
  • Save £51

If you’re excited about the features (and the discount) mentioned above, take advantage of the Black Friday deal on Vodafone Curve right now!

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