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A small bottle arrived in the mail. At first, it was hard to believe that it was capable of such greatness. Pahadi Maati is an organic brand of natural hair oils. It reduced hygral fatigue considerably. I stopped feeling the gumminess in my hair after washing it.

The oil effectively controlled frizz as it moisturised the scalp and protected it from dryness. The best part is that one does not need to condition the hair post a hair wash (as advised by the founder of the brand) because the lubrication provided from the oil is enough. The oil reduces coarseness (if any) over time. 

Another interesting product from Pahadi Maati is the dry shampoo powder. You take a small amount, dissolve it into water (preferably warm, not hot), and rub it on your scalp. It may take a few extra seconds to lather up. The main benefit is that it does not contain any binding agent or preservatives. 

Pahadi Maati hair oil Price: Rs 150 for 20 ml

Pahadi Maati dry shampoo powder Price: Rs 150 for 120 gram

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