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Late nights, binge eating, and excessive drinking due to Diwali festivities had taken a noticeable toll on my skin. What began with paleness soon built into dryness and a nascent stage of eczema. That’s when I pulled out Skinella’s orange and lemon Vitamin C face serum and day cream with SPF 15 to nourish it back to suppleness.

The serum feels light and absorbs evenly into the skin. After one week of regular use in the morning and evening, the skin’s texture began to improve. I haven’t seen pimples in about six days. It also suppressed the ones that had appeared.

The day cream is non-greasy and lightweight. The product moisturises well but those with dry skin will require an extra dollop. Alternatively, after applying this day cream, you can layer it up with face oil to add to and lock in the moisture. The only drawback for me was its low SPF.

Skinella’s orange and lemon vitamin C face serum Price: Rs 475

Skinella’s orange and lemon vitamin C day cream Price: Rs 350

Availability: Online

Ayesha Singh

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