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Spoilers follow for Y: The Last Man‘s finale, “Victoria,” which lands Nov. 1 on FX on Hulu.

Y: The Last Man wrapped up its first season — and series, if the show doesn’t find a new home — with (more) welcome chaos, a handful of satisfying moments, and a notable flashback string involving Hero being an utter s*** to her family. Considering all the violence last week, the aftermath of the D.C. storyline could have used a few more minutes, besides Kimberly’s sex dream about Yorick and Jennifer getting nabbed, but the need to keep things lean is also understandable.

It was immensely pleasing to watch the Amazons mosey into Marrisville completely unaware they were riding into a lioness’ den, filled with hardened convicts who were more than prepared for invaders. With the assumption the town was filled with “soccer moms,” Roxanne led her cult into a bullet storm and the mistake would ultimately cost her her life.

Nora’s arc throughout this season has been one of the more fascinating to watch. Of all the characters, she best represents the balance between loving men in her life and also having had her life rudely dictated by men. Now, she’s in pure survival mode, but from a much wiser and more practical standpoint than Roxanne, who was revealed to be as petulant and power hungry as the men she despised. And — yup! — it was cool to have her hear that right before Nora unceremoniously shot her down her in front of everyone. Now it’s Nora and Hero, believing Jennifer (and the government) to be dead, leading the Amazons under a new, less-draconian directive. All in all, it was a good outcome for this part of the story.

Hero and Nora also know that Yorick’s alive. How this knowledge would have figured into their future stories is unknown, but having Hero actually see Yorick alive, and briefly reconcile, was a much-needed beat. The flashback dinner scene worked nicely to remind us that there was once a family unit here — a dysfunctional one, sure, but a family nonetheless. Keeping major characters separated for this long was frustrating, but that’s par for the course with sprawling apocalypse epics. It doesn’t excuse laggy episodes, but it does help build to big moments like this.

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It’s easy to harshly judge Hero for her choices — from the adultery to the accidental murder to the brainwashing, to (now) her behavior in the flashback — but Nora had a much better spin on Hero’s contrarian nature. She likened Hero to herself, as a woman who buckled under the pressure to be perfect in a man’s world. Hero hadn’t been able to maintain the façade, though. While Nora pushed through it all, Hero buckled under the expectations and it sent her down a different, somewhat destructive path.

Yorick’s breakdown was long overdue.

Sonia getting taken out quickly didn’t quite have the bite the show was aiming for, since she seemed like a doomed character from the start (especially now that Yorick is headed to Beth), but the time these past few episodes have taken to strengthen the bond between 355, Yorick, and Allison really helped mold them into a trio you care about. We may never see these three again so it’s nice to know they’re at a good place now as they head into the mysterious maw of the Culper Ring.

Yorick’s breakdown was long overdue. It was needed, but maybe sooner than the finale would have been better. That’s not to say it didn’t help punctuate this episode, but it was such a boon for his character that now one can only lament we didn’t see this side of him at the halfway point. Yorick’s casualness and reluctance to absorb the seriousness of everything, while most of the entire world was in despair, was never a good look. And the fact that he broke down only after losing someone he cared about also doesn’t sit that well. But it still felt like a huge exhale watching him cry and crumble under the weight of being the last man on Earth.

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