Winter 2022 Movies: The 30 Most Anticipated Films – IGN

Spider-Man, Batman, Neo, Nathan Drake, and Ghostface are lined up to battle for your box office bucks this winter, but they’re not the only movies to consider.

From December through March, we’re also getting new flicks directed by Guillermo del Toro, George Clooney, and Denzel Washington — along with disaster maestros Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich. Plus, the boys from Jackass are back (for a final bow?), Sony unleashes Morbius from their own Spider-verse, and Pixar’s latest gives us a furry Red Panda freak-out.

Here’s a quick look at 30 of the biggest and most notable movies coming up over the next three and a half months, so that you can plan your pop culture intake accordingly.

Winter 2022 Movies: The 30 Most Anticipated Films

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