A Beauty TikToker’s Product Review Has Fans In A Tizzy

Of course, people are going to have positive and negative opinions on just about every beauty review out there, but there’s one other aspect of Meredith Duxbury’s review that are irking people on TikTok — the makeup waste. 

At the end of the review, Duxbury shows how easy it is to wipe the compact clean with a baby wipe. Well, people aren’t all that happy that the makeup went to waste. “Girl you just wiped away $250 of lipstick,” one user commented. 

Whether the comment was made as a joke or not, it does pose a serious flaw of the machine. If you’re paying $477 for the machine and the lipstick to go with it, you wouldn’t just want to wipe away the product that’s left after mixing. Maybe this review will make YSL think about the flaw. Or, you know, the brand could also assume that someone that spends that much money on a machine would easily wipe away the rest of the product.

Of course, it is worth noting that there are positive comments on the TikTok review as well. Some people love the idea of a makeup mixing machine and app. That’s the beauty of makeup, my friends. Sometimes it for you, and sometimes it’s not worth it — you decide!

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